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The Yellow Launcher Barrel is a type of barrel only found in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Its use is to shoot the Kongs or Kremlings further into the course.


When a player enters the barrel cannon, a gauge will appear above the barrel, and the player can stop the gauge by shaking the Wii Remote[1] (and Nunchuk). Doing so will fling the player’s character further into the course, depending on where they stopped the gauge. There is a blue marker which is the max power it has. The closer the arrow is to the blue area, the further they will fly. Yellow Launcher Barrels are only found in the Mammoth Glacier and Mt. Dynamite Remix courses, making them very rare.


The Yellow Launcher Barrel is yellow colored, with a white arrow on it. It is made of wood, much like the Style Barrel. It also has a black inside either blue lines. It also has two black straps on the top and bottom of the barrel.