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Full Name Xylobone
Residence Donkey Kong Island
Species Tiki
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Tiki Tak Tribe
Occupation Tiki Tak Tribe Leader
Powers/Abilities Hypnosis
Enemies Kong Family
Boss Level Thugly's Highrise
World The Cliff
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns

Xylobone is a leading member of the Tiki Tak Tribe found in the boss level Thugly's Highrise in the Cliff. It hypnotizes creatures that inhabit the Cliff world, including his own airship fleet. It possesses Thugly and fights the Kongs. After Thugly is dealt with, Xylobone, like all of the other Tiki leaders, is sent flying with punches from Donkey and/or Diddy Kong.

Xylobone's tune is the Kalimba base tune with a xylophone playing in the background.


Xylobone has large eyebrows and brownish/yellowish eyelids. It has a triangle shaped head turned on its axel, which has 4 visible slits inside the bottom of it, as well as a vivid arrow on its forehead. The tiki also has a long, skeletal body, with 5 rows of bone-like structures. These structures have holes on the end and have signs of burns on the ends. A small detail is that the tiki has a pointed end at the bottom of its ”spine”. The last noticeable thing about the tiki is that is has circle shaped hands, like Gong-Oh.


Xylobone Icon

Xylobone's silhouette when a Kong loses a life.


  • Xylobone resembles a trilobite, probably because of the prehistoric theme of the Cliff world.
  • Presumably, it is Xylobone's airship fleet that attacks the Kongs in the level Tippy Shippy.
  • Xylobone is the only Tiki leader who acts like it can still fight after defeat.
  • Xylobone is one of the few Tikis that does not look like his instrument name says, but is an amalgamation of what it is stated to be, by fusing bone and xylophone together to make a trilobite/xylophone hybrid.
  • Xylobone is the 6th largest tiki, being smaller than Gong-Oh, and being bigger than all 3 recipients of the Maraca Gang.
  • Xylobone is the 4th most damaged tiki in the game, showing signs of burn marks on its body, and beating Krazy Kalimba by a small amount, while losing to Gong-Oh.
  • Xylobone has the 2nd smallest limbs in the gang, just beating Gong-Oh by a small amount.
  • Xylobone has the same hands as Gong-Oh.
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