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Donkey Kong Country 2

Story intro (GBA version)

  • "I thought we'd seen the last of that old rascal."

First meeting

  • "Hello, dearies. I'm Mrs. Wrinkly Kong, headmistress here at Kong Kollege."
  • "I'm available to teach courses on how to play this game, or you can just pop in when you want to save your little old game. Now then, how can I help you?" (SNES version)
  • "I'm available to teach courses on how to play this game." (GBA version)
  • "Use ↑ and ↓ on the ✚ between the options on my menu." (GBA version)
  • "Now then, how can I help you?" (GBA version)

Entering Kong Kollege

  • "Well! Just look at those sums those Kremlings have done. Disgraceful!"
  • "Come on in and sit down, children. I'm sure all that running around has made you tired."
  • "When you see Kaptain K. Rool, can you ask him if he has done his homework?"
  • "Have you been to see my husband Cranky? He complains a little, but he does know everything about this island."
  • "You're looking a little weary dear. Would you like to save your game?"
  • "I hope you're better behaved than those reptiles. Why, I even caught one sharpening his sword in class yesterday!"
  • "Hurry along! School is nearly finished! You need to study a little more if you're going to beat the Kremlings!"
  • "Those nasty Kremlings must have all the tokens! Go and grab some and come back later."
  • "Those naughty crocodiles! All they want to learn is how to fight and squash monkeys, Tsk!"


Gangplank Galleon

  • "A gold coin with a bunch of bananas on it, collect these and spend them in the various Kong Family locations found throughout the island." (about Banana Coins)
  • "Press the Ⓑ Button to swim. Pressing Up or Down on the directional keypad while swinging or floating will affect the speed that you sink or swim." (about swimming)
  • "Jump on the target to finish the level. If you jump from a sufficient height, you will win the displayed prize." (about the End of Level Target)
  • "Press and hold the Ⓐ button to power him up, then release it for his Supercharge. Use this to destroy enemies and break open hidden doors!" (about Rambi's Supercharge)
  • "When you have both characters, press the Ⓐ button to team up. You can throw your partner to defeat enemies and reach inaccessible features. Press Ⓐ again to split up." (about Team Up)
  • "Throw Krow's eggs back at him. He won't like it!" (about Krow)

Crocodile Cauldron

  • "To make your snake buddy jump in mid air, walk off an edge and press the jump button as he falls." (about Rattly)
  • "Press and hold the Ⓨ button when you are on the ropes and you will climb up and down them faster than normal." (about climb in ropes)
  • "Collect all four of these on a level to earn an extra life!" (about KONG letters)
  • "To create a web platform, press the Ⓐ button or either of the top L and R. Press the button again to stop the web amd form a platform in the desired position." (about Squitter's web platforms)
  • "For every bonus level complete, you will get one of these. Collect a lot and you can use then at Klubba's Kiosk." (about Kremkoins)
  • "When you hit Kleever, quickly get across to the other side before he gets angry." (about Kleever)

Krem Quay

  • "Jump in these to transform into the animal shown on the side of the barrel." (about Animal Barrels)
  • "If you hold the jump button down while jumping on an enemy, you will bounce higher and further than normal." (about jumping on enemies)
  • "There are three types. Red is worth 1 life, Green is worth 2 lives and the rare Blue balloon is worth 3 lives!" (about Extra Lives Balloons)
  • "Press the Ⓐ button to power him up, then release it to access normally unreachable areas." (about Rattly's Superjump)
  • "A very large coin with 'DK' on it, each level has one, cunningly hidden by Cranky. Collect these to increase your status as a video game hero." (about DK Coins)
  • "When Kudgel lands, he'll shake the screen and immobilize you! Be careful!" (about Kudgel)

Krazy Kremland

  • "Doors are hidden on the sides of walls and can be broken into by throwing objects at them or using your animal buddies." (about secret doors)
  • "Press Ⓨ to roll off and edge, then press Ⓑ to jump as you fall. You can increase your jumping distance this way." (about the roll jump)
  • "Destroy the small Zinger and his drones quickly, or they'll reappear after a while." (about King Zing)

Gloomy Gulch

  • "Walls that look solid could contain secret passages that you can use to access hidden areas or shortcuts." (about secret passages)
  • "Each level has between one and three of these. Complete all the bonuses on a level to gain 1%." (about Bonus Areas)
  • "Jump on the different colored Mini-Neckys to gain the necessary objects to fight the ghost of Krow." (about Kreepy Krow)

K. Rool's Keep

  • "Finding these aren't necessary but they will be useful if you can. Items become visible when you touch them." (about invisible items)
  • "Press the Ⓐ button to power him up, then release it for his Superstab. Use this to break open hidden door!" (about Enguarde's Superstab)

The Flying Krock

  • "All but one of my lessons are useful in your quest."
  • "Make sure you have plenty of lives!!" (about Kaptain K. Rool)

Advice (GBA version)

  • "You want a homework project, do you? You are good children. Well, I have the very thing."
  • "Here, take this empty book. I want you to fill it with pictures of all the strange creatures you encounter."
  • "How do you get the pictures? Well, it is simple. Just look out for any bad guys with a camera above their heads."
  • "When you defeat them, you will be awarded a picture. I have heard there are also a few cameras lying around on the levels, just waiting to be picked up."
  • "For each page you fill with pictures, I will give you one of these strange Hero Coins that my husband left lying around."
  • "You haven't got enough pictures to fill a page yet. Come back when you have gained more pictures."

Not enough Banana Coins

  • "My, that is a lot isn't it? Try to find some more tokens."
  • "Oh dearie me! That's not quite enough, is it?"
  • "Oh dear, I'm afraid you'll need a few more for that."
  • "Education is not chap these days. I'm sure you'll find a few more tokens if you look!"
  • "Those nasty Kremlings must have all the tokens! Go and grab some and come back later."
  • "Sorry dear, but I've got to pay for a new blackboard."

Leaving Kong Kollege

  • "Don't be a stranger now."
  • "Try to make it to my next class."
  • "Come back if you've got any problems now."
  • "Goodbye, dearies."
  • "Good luck, children."
  • "Take care, dearies."
  • "I'll be here if you need me."
  • "Be careful now, Kongs."

Donkey Kong Country 3

First meeting

  • "Hello there, it's me - Mrs. Wrinkly Kong!"
  • "I've found life too hectic at school with all those naughty Kremlings pestering me all the time!"

SNES version

  • "If you need to save your game, Dixie, call here any time and I'll record your progress on my new vid-me-whatsit machine for you!"

GBA version

  • "So I have decided to find my inner self"
  • "It's so relaxing here. Although it still seems like something is missing. Perhaps you can help?"


Playing Nintendo 64

  • "Ssshhhhh, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs! I'm on my last life and you're breaking my concentration!"
  • "Can you help, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? I can't get off this level - and I've been playing it for weeks!"
  • "I'm glad Cranky doesn't know about this new console. If he did, I'd never be able to get him off it!"
  • "All you ever seem to do in these games is shoot this or jump on that. Why don't they make games about knitting?"


After defeat K. Rool

  • "So, you've defeated K.Rool have you? I'm very proud of you - that's very nice!"
  • "You know, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, since you've been away, I think these bird are beginning to get a little restless. Is there by any chance you can find out where they want to go? If you need help exploring, try asking Funky!"

Completed Banana Birds

  • "My word, they seem very excited! It looks as if they want to take you for a ride!"
  • "Go on, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, don't worry about your boat - I'll get Cranky to fetch it for you!"

Donkey Kong 64

First meeting

  • "Don't be afraid, young ones. It's only me, Wrinkly Kong."
  • "My body may have passed away since DKC3, but I'm here in spirit to help you defeat those naughty crocodiles."
  • "I can use my supernatural powers to reveal to you and your friends where that rouge K. Rool has hidden some of your precious Golden Bananas."
  • "You can come and see me wherever you see my face."
  • "Don't be shy now, dearies."

Jungle Japes

  • "Get DK's coconut shooter from Funky's Store and use it to hit the coconut switches."
  • "Shoot the switch over the giant mine cart to make the path complete in Diddy's mine area."
  • "Use Diddy to open the gate to Lanky's cave. Once inside, slam the stumps and shoot the Zingers!"
  • "Go and see Cranky, or Tiny will find herself unable to fit intro the tree stump."
  • "X marks the spot for Chunky and gives him a chance to use his weight."

Angry Aztec

  • "Free the Llama by completing Donkey's blast barrel course."
  • "Bash the gongs with Diddy's chimpy charge to reveal hidden suprises."
  • "Match the sounds with Lanky in the back of the Llama's Temple."
  • "Small is best for Tiny when she plays her tune near the four gongs."
  • "Match the symbols and put the jugs on the podiums with Chunky near the start."

Frantic Factory

  • "Donkey must climb up to the top floor if you want to bring the factory to life."
  • "Cranky's Simian Spring will Diddy to leap to the top of the ABC blocks."
  • "Lanky's Orangstand will get Chunky standing back on solid ground."
  • "Cranky can help Tiny beat the giant springy box."
  • "Test the strength of K. Rool gates with Chunky's Primate Punch."

Gloomy Galleon

  • "After releasing the seal, you'll find him waiting for DK over by Candy."
  • "When the ship comes in, climb aboard with Diddy and fire the cannon!"
  • "Jump through the star with Enguarde and the treasure trove opens!"
  • "Dive down to the submarine near Funky and see if Tiny can find a way inside."
  • "Chunky doesn't need a key to open the chest bellow Cranky's Lab."

Fungi Forest

  • "21132 is a number that DK might find useful."
  • "Take an aerial trip to the top of the giant mushroom with Diddy."
  • "The banana colors will give Lanky a clue in one of his rooms at the top of the giant mushroom."
  • "Tiny will need Chunky's help to enter the barn after dark."
  • "Don't throw a coin in the well - throw Chunky in instead!"

Crystal Caves

  • "Match the pictures with DK in his cabin near Candy."
  • "If Diddy can fly through the star, the ways in will be revealed."
  • "Float to the top of ice castle for a rematch with the sliding beetle."
  • "Tiny will need the Monkeyport before she can get the banana under the igloo."
  • "Chunky will have a smashing time with the ice walls."

Creepy Castle

  • "Pull the levers bottom left, top right, and top left in reverse order to open the way for DK."
  • "Exorcise the ballroom, then light the candles with Diddy."
  • "Lanky will need Funky's last upgrade before he enters the top tower."
  • "Get Tiny inside the ballroom then Monkeyport into the museum."
  • "If all else fails, get Chunky to punch it."