Bananacoin-dkcr Wrinkly's Retreat Bananacoin-dkcr
Greater location(s) Northern Kremisphere
Inhabitant(s) Wrinkly Kong, Banana Birds
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Wrinkly's Retreat is a location of the Northern Kremisphere run by Wrinkly Kong. Wrinkly's Retreat replaces the Save Caves of the previous game, with notable differences. For one, it is only found once on the overworld screen, between Bazaar's General Store, as opposed to every world in the Northern Kremisphere. The Save Caves of the worlds were replaced with Cranky's Dojos.

Due to being able to save by pausing on the overworld map, the Save Caves would be obsolete. Wrinkly instead cares for the Banana Birds and can also keep track of the Kong's progress, but she doesn't do much more than that. She oddly doesn't even have a Scrapbook to give to the Kongs unlike the previous two games' remakes. Since the location was revamped from the original Donkey Kong Country 3's, Wrinkly no longer plays a Nintendo 64, exercises or nap.

The most major use of this location is when all Banana Birds are assembled, they can be used to free the Banana Bird Queen and get a secret ending.


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