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Wizpig's artwork from the game Diddy Kong Racing DS for DS.

Residence(s) Future Fun Land
Species Alien Pig

Affiliation(s) Tricky the Triceratops,
Bluey the Walrus,
Bubbler the Octopus,
Smokey the Dragon
Powers/Abilities Dark magic powers,
Fast running and jumping skills,
Piloting vehicles skills
Enemies Diddy Kong,
Timber the Tiger,
Krunch the Kremling,
Drumstick the Rooster,
Bumper the Badger,
Conker the Squirrel,
Tiptup the Turtle,
Pipsy the Mouse,
Taj the Genie,
Dixie Kong,
Tiny Kong
Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing,
Diddy Kong Racing DS
First Appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest Appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
"You can't beat ME!"
Wizpig boasting before the first race in the game Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64
"Well, lookie here! It’s the LITTLE WORM!"
Wizpig taunting the racer before the second race in the game Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64

Wizpig is the evil alien pig conqueror from Future Fun Land and the main antagonist of the games Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS.


Wizpig goes from world to world, challenging native inhabitants to kart races as a form of enjoyment, if the challenger should lose, that world would be destroyed. His so-called "fun" soon led him to the Mushroom World, where he made his next racing tournament on Timber's Island and thus beginning the events of the game Diddy Kong Racing.

He is unlockable as a playable character in Diddy Kong Racing DS, if the player completes Adventure 2. He has the exact same racing stats as Taj the Genie.


Diddy Kong Racing[]

  • "You can't beat ME!" (first meeting)
  • "Sorry to break the party WORMS! But I HAD to say GOODBYE!
    See ya later WORMS!" (first ending)
  • "Well, lookie here! It's the LITTLE WORM!" (last meeting)



  • Wizpig's design seems to be inspired by the villain Ganon from The Legend of Zelda franchise, specifically the classic design of Ganon's pig form from the NES, SNES and Game Boy games where he appeared much more cartoony.
    • Both are two-legged pigs, main antagonists, wizards skilled in dark magic, wear red headpieces. Coincidentally, the Ganon from the game The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures has a purple cape like Wizpig. He also refers to the Links as "worms", which is the same term Wizpig calls Diddy Kong and the other heroes in the game Diddy Kong Racing.
  • The ending of Diddy Kong Racing teased the return of Wizpig in a game sequel. The remake called Diddy Kong Racing DS does not include the sequel tease in its ending, unlike the original game, implying that the Nintendo DS game is the sequel to the Nintendo 64 version.
  • According to Kevin Bayliss, art director of Diddy Kong Racing, the game Dinosaur Planet (later becoming the game Star Fox Adventures), with gameplay appeared to be influenced by the The Legend of Zelda series, would feature the character Timber the Tiger as protagonist by time travel.[1] It can be speculated that Wizpig would have been the final boss of the game.
  • Wizpig was likely going to appear as the main villain in the canceled racing game Donkey Kong Racing.[2]
  • Wizpig is mentioned in the game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, when Banjo says to Kazooie that he was "in a similar situation once before, along time ago, with a genie and a giant pig."


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