Diddy Kong Racing Track
Windmill plains
Location Dragon Forest
Balloon # Required 16, 23 (Silver Coin Challenge)
Transportation Car, Hovercraft, & Plane
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Windmill Plains is the thirteenth track in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is the first track of the fourth world, Dragon Forest. The default vehicle for this track is the plane. A total of 16 Golden Balloons is required for the player to enter this course.

Course Layout

Racers begin amongst some grassy hills dotted with a few windmills, the windmills contain underpasses that contain zippers and balloons (and eventually, silver coins). The track takes a sharp right hand turn to a small path surrounded by water before entering a narrow, curved tunnel. The tunnel exits on a path that leads to the underpass of another windmill. The windmill path exits out into a white canyon featuring waterfalls and a path surrounded by water before entering a brown canyon area that curves off to the right. The canyon area exits out into a small area similar to the starting area before entering another short narrow tunnel that brings the player back to the starting line.

Coin Challenge Locations

Like other levels, Windmill Plains is filled with eight coins, scattered all around the area. The coins only appear after player has beaten Smokey the Dragon for the first time, at which point the total needed to reenter this course and compete in the Coin Challenge will increase to 23 Golden Balloons.

Windmill plains map

Map of Windmill Plains showing silver coin locations

  1. In the underpass of the second windmill
  2. After the first zipper, when the track curves to the right, over the path by a balloon
  3. In the tunnel, by the wall on the left hand side
  4. In the underpass of the third windmill, after the zipper
  5. Behind a waterfall on the far left of the track, just after the track turns
  6. In the canyon area, by the wall on the right hand side, quite high up
  7. To the far left of the track in the last open area, by a hay stack
  8. In the underpass of the very first windmill, to the left of the starting line


  • Shares its track music with the course that follows it, Greenwood Village. In the DS remake both of these 2 tracks have different music.
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