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Wild Wendell

A Wind Wendel from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Wild Wendell is an enemy from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is an inhabitant of the first world, Lost Mangroves.


Wild Wendell is a turtle with blue skin and a yellow shell. It's seen wearing aviator goggles. It has many designs on its shell, like swirls and squares, each either orange or yellow. It has 2 nostrils at the front of its head, and a mouth that is simular to a snapping turtle mouth. It has 3 digits on its paws, and short but muscular legs. The beginning of the shell is bright yellow and has a design of rectangular shapes on it. On its aviator goggle is stitches keeping it together. Its underbelly is purple. Its eyes have blue eyelids, like the rest of its body. It has black pupils.


Wild Wendell stereotypically moves slowly due to being a turtle. Wild Wendells can also be seen swimming above water. When close to a Wild Wendell, it will basically attack with a bite like a snapping turtle or kick when you're behind it. When attacking a Wild Wendell, instead of defeating the turtle, it will be flipped and crawl into its shell. A Kong can pick up the Wild Wendell's shell and throw it like an item. However, it's hard to do it when a Wild Wendell is in water.