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Wigglevine as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Wigglevines are flying plants in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They appear only in the Forest level Wigglevine Wonders and are always found sleeping peacefully. They possess a long vine that the Kongs can grab and hold. After the primates holding on the vine, the Wigglevine will wake, acquire a nervous expression and carry Donkey and Diddy Kong over large pits, allowing them to progress through the level. During the riding, the heroes must avoid enemies and collect items by climbing up or down the vine. The Kongs can also ride the flying plant by stepping on its head, situation made possible by a hidden barrel cannon in the same level. There are also small-sized variants with vines that allow the primates to swing for short distances or descend heights. But if the Kongs take too long to let go its vine, the small Wigglevine will break the vine and disappear at the top of the screen, dropping the heroes.


The appearance of the Wigglevine is that they have long vines sprouted from underneath them, which is shrouded by green leaves. Their body is like that of a vase, and they have large mouths. Their body is yellow, and gets a reddish hue on the right side in the picture. They have red flower-like structures on top of them, that can sustain even a Kong’s weight. When they are about to pop, they turn red. Younger Wigglevines have fewer leaves and just have a propeller on their heads. They still have large mouths though.



  • Though Wigglevines are transportation means and harmless to the Kongs, they are still considered enemies.