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Whiplash Dash is the first level of The Lost World, as well as the thirty-sixth level overall in the game Donkey Kong Land III. It is also the second and last pipeline level in the game. The level is preceded by K. Rool Duel and followed by Kuchuka Karnage.


This level consists of the Kongs riding Toboggans to transverse, while avoiding Buzzes and Krimps, as well as a few Kuchukas in the Bonus Room. There are multiple “No Toboggan” signs in this level, which immediately allow the primates to get out of the Toboggans, and to travel freely. The level contains a total of fifty-seven bananas inside it.


The level starts with the Kongs being blasted three times from a Barrel Cannon before entering a Toboggan, where they must ride it while avoiding multiple Buzzes.

At the beginning, the player must keep going straight, dodging the Buzzes, and they will find the "K" of the K-O-N-G Letters eventually. After about one third of the level, there will be a stop sign, ending this toboggan section and allowing the player to explore.

There will be a Steel Keg before this that they must pick up to take out a Koin. But after throwing this barrel, it will roll back, catching up to the Kongs. After this section, there will be the letter "O", as well as another Toboggan and more Buzzes to dodge, as well as some Krimps.

A DK Barrel will be present after this Toboggan section as well as the letter "G". At the end of the level, there are two Bonus Rooms.