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Water Skip

Kiddy Kong performing the Water Skip move in the Kremwood Forest stage Riverside Race, as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! for SFC/SNES.

The Water Skip is Kiddy Kong's personal move which allows him to bounce over the water surface in the game Donkey Kong Country 3.


When the Water Skip move is executed correctly, Kiddy Kong will be capable of bouncing off the surface of water; this can be repeated again for a total of two bounces. In order for Kiddy to perform the move, the player must roll off a platform toward a body of water using the "Roll" button ("Y" button in the Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game, and "B" button in the Game Boy Advance version). At the instant Kiddy touches the surface, the player must press the "Jump" button ("B" button in the SFC/SNES version of the game, and "A" button in the GBA version). If the input timing is correct, Kiddy will bounce off the water; pressing the "Jump" button again when Kiddy hits the water again will allow for a second bounce, but no further bounces can be performed after this.

The Water Skip move allows the Kong to avoid diving into short sections of water, making the traversal over them faster and also avoiding aquatic enemies inside. The second bounce of the Water Skip will also allow Kiddy to go higher than he can jump. In some occasions, the move must be used in order to reach platforms inaccessible by other means, such as in the Kremwood Forest stage Riverside Race, where the first Bonus Barrel and the enemy Koin can only be reached by executing the Water Skip over water bodies near their respective platforms.

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  • The Water Skip move is based off the "Roll-Jump" move. The latter is also an optional move which allows all the playable Kongs in every game from the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land series to roll off platforms and then jump in the air, making possible to collect items floating above pits safely and extending their horizontal range of jumping.
  • Although the game Donkey Kong Country 3 gives the player no clear indication that Kiddy Kong possesses the Water Skip move during gameplay, in the SFC/SNES version of the game, if the player waits at the main title screen for a few seconds and does not make any inputs, a gameplay demo reel will play. Eventually, one of them will show Kiddy executing the move. A demo reel demonstrating this move is not present in the GBA version of the game.
  • Similar to how Donkey Kong does not keep the Hand Slap, his personal move from the game Donkey Kong Country, in the game Donkey Kong Land, Kiddy Kong also does not possess the Water Skip move in the game Donkey Kong Land III.
  • In the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, if an assist Kong or the second player's character is mounted on Donkey Kong or Funky Kong's back, and if the first player taps the "Roll Attack" button, the secondary character will be able to roll on the primary one continuously. If the same move is used to roll off a platform edge towards water, the characters will bounce over the surface of it in similar way to the Water Skip move, although it is possible to keep bouncing forward until hitting an obstacle on the way, such as walls or enemies.