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Watch the Skies

"Watch the Skies" is the twenty-first episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series. It was the nineteenth episode to air in North America.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are relaxing outside Inka Dinka Doo's temple. Diddy suddenly asks if the temple has been there forever, though DK tells him it has been there "Longer than forever." This then leads Diddy to ask who built the ancient temple; whoever did must have been on the island "before forever." DK thinks it is an excellent point, and decides to ask Inka Dinka himself about the temple's origins.

They get to the chamber of Inka Dinka Doo, but he tells them, "For me to know, you not to find out." Diddy Kong tells him he knew it would be a secret, and Donkey Kong attempts to convince him to share it with them; however, Inka Dinka, who is "smiling," states that Donkey Kong will share it with everybody, to which Diddy agrees. Donkey Kong tells them that he can keep a secret, but Diddy gives some examples of times that he did not, prompting Donkey Kong to leave.

At King K. Rool's lair, the king is telling General Klump as they exit his study that secrecy is the way to villainous success, which is why their latest plan, "Project X," should be kept top secret. Klump agrees to this. He explains to K. Rool that he had the Kritters build one individual part of "Project X," and then takes a lift down to build it "In complete darkness, while keeping my eyes closed at all times!" He does so, but ends up missing the lift and falling below. The king reminds Klump not to look, and then begins to brag.

At Cranky's cabin, Donkey and Diddy have just asked Cranky who built the "ancient and mysterious temple of Inka Dinka Doo." However, Cranky retorts by saying, "Now why do you knuckleheads suppose it's called mysterious[...]" and the two friends tell him they don't know. Cranky then tells them that nobody knows who built the temple, and he shuts the door on them. Candy and Dixie then arrive, asking them why the are there, and they then explain that they need to talk to Cranky about a "banana cake recipe" before heading inside. Funky then heads up to them, and Diddy asks if he knew who built the ancient temple of Inka Dinka Doo. Funky says that he does, and tells them that it was built by "interplanetary visitor dudes." The apes are surprised to hear that the temple was created by aliens, but Funky is told to come inside the cabin by Cranky. He then enters, leaving the apes to ponder this new information.

At night, Funky is explaining to them that the aliens are waiting for something to bring them back to their planet. Donkey Kong does not believe this, but asks "What for?" Funky tells them that it would be fore "universal piece and harmony," or to turn everybody into their slaves, and (through song) describes the aliens to them, then explains the way to break the alien's control over them before going inside to sleep.

On the way home Donkey and Diddy Kong are laughing at all the "information" given to them by Funky. However, they then hear something, distracting them long enough to hit a tree. They then see what appears to be a UFO, which causes them to run away. The object then flies toward the ground. The UFO continues to fly all over the island. At his base, K. Rool is watching the UFO, telling Klump to "initiate ultra-top secret maximum security procedures." Klump runs off to do so, but falls off the edge of the platform they are standing on. K. Rool deactivates the video feed and lowers the platform, then tells Klump to get him a midnight snack as he watches the UFO fly into his base and land. While it does this, K. Rool is impressed that "Project X" has completed its first test flight. The barrel-like UFO then opens up, revealing a dizzy Krusha having piloted the "boomerang-a-barrel". He then explains to the dizzy lizard that his next mission upon completing the test runs will be to steal the Crystal Coconut.

Back in the jungle, Donkey Kong has inspected the area for aliens and assures Diddy that everything is fine. They sneak off to tell everybody about the aliens when Candy and Dixie once again appear, asking what they are talking about. Donkey and Diddy tell what happened the other night, but the girls simply disregard them, telling them they are in a hurry. Donkey Kong offers their protection, but the girls deny their offer, telling them that they are going to get their hair done before distracting them and running off. They wonder where the girls are until Cranky walks by. They try to tell him, but Cranky does not believe them and tells them he is also getting his hair done, then distracts them to get away. They then head off to tell Funky, thinking he will believe them.

Funky, meanwhile, is at his house right as Dixie, Candy, and Cranky enter. They explain what happened in the forest, and Funky lifts the hut into the air for a private discussion. At this point, Donkey and Diddy arrive, DK stating, "I didn't know Funky was opening a hair salon." They overhear part of the conversation, and upon hearing that they have a plan they assume that the aliens have enslaved them and are going to take over Kongo Bongo. Diddy runs off to get the cure for the alien's possession, while Donkey Kong slips on some surfboards. Up above, Candy notices that he has been spying on them, and Funky states that he "probably learned everything." The others tell him not to tell Diddy, but Donkey simply wants to fight them, still thinking they are aliens. Cranky tells him that aliens do not exist, and Funky assures this, telling him that he got all the alien knowledge from a movie he saw. (though he does assure that aliens he has seen are "mellow") Donkey Kong then asks about what they were talking about, and the gang informs him that they were planning a surprise party for Diddy. DK asks why he was not invited, though Candy sarcastically retorts, "Because it's supposed to be a surprise!" Donkey assures them that he can keep a secret, but they do not believe him until he promises not to tell him anything.

Diddy, in the meantime, is at the banana plantation, having eaten tons of "green bananas" to keep the aliens away. He finishes one when Donkey Kong suddenly emerges. Diddy tries to feed him a green banana, telling him it will keep the aliens away, but Donkey Kong tells him to forget everything he heard about the aliens, telling him that aliens do not exist. Diddy then asks why everyone was at Funky's house; he almost gives away the secret, but tells him it is nothing to worry about, leading Diddy to believe that Donkey Kong was possessed as well, and runs away.

At night, Diddy is in the forest, hopping around on one leg. He eats another green banana and worries about the aliens being out to get him, and notices General Klump sleepwalking. Believing him to be an alien, Diddy shoots a green banana out of its skin at him, and the general regains his senses, asking Diddy what he is doing in "K. Rool's kitchen." He then proceeds to ask what a jungle is doing in the kitchen. Diddy then realizes that Klump is not being mind controlled by the aliens because "[h]e doesn't have a brain!" Diddy then asks for his help in stopping the "alien invasion" and explains what is going on, though Klump laughs at him. However, he then notices the UFO in the sky.

At K. Rool's lair, Klump and Diddy are explaining what they saw to the king, and the king (in song) expresses his worry, which turns out to be fake; Diddy goes off to get him the Crystal Coconut so they can fight the aliens; K. Rool then forcibly volunteers Klump to go with him, and, though he denies at first, they head off. The mine cart zooms away, and K. Rool lowers the platform, only to have it raised again with "Project X" again. He then explains to Krusha that his mission to retrieve the coconut is going to be scrapped in favor of Diddy Kong personally delivering it to him. He then gives him a new mission: use the "boomerang-a-barrel" to fly around the island and spread fear.

Meanwhile, Candy and Donkey Kong are outside the temple of Inka Dinka Doo, disappointed in him that they are all ready and that Diddy is not there. DK heads off to go get him, but Candy reminds him not to "spoil the surprise." (she then walks back inside, and everybody prematurely yells "surprise!", though Candy tells them that it is her)

At Cranky's Cabin, Diddy notices the UFO outside the window, and unveils the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong then barges in and asks Diddy why he is holding the Crystal Coconut. Diddy explains that he is going to stop the aliens, and runs off, DK chasing after him. He then leaps into the mine cart they rode hear, and General Klump drives off. Back at his lair, K. Rool is watching the pair bring him the Crystal Coconut, and then notices Donkey Kong chasing them on foot; He then contacts Krusha and has him take care of Donkey Kong. Diddy notices DK gaining on them, and Klump speeds up the cart, only for them to hit a roadblock; Diddy and Klump fly past, while DK catches the Crystal Coconut. While he runs back, however, Krusha in the boomerang-a-barrel chases after him, allowing Klump and Diddy to come around the other way and snatch the coconut from his hands. However, the barrel piloted by Krusha loses control, leading to them dropping the coconut, the barrel crashing in the woods, and the cart flying off the tracks. The coconut is lying in the middle of the area until Donkey Kong walks up and collects it, and whirls around when he hears moaning inside the barrel, but is not surprised at all to see that Krusha is the one inside. Diddy then emerges, telling DK that he should surrender, and Donkey Kong plays along, running off in the fashion of an alien-possessed being. Klump then awakens and notices the barrel opening. He hides behind a tree as he watches the dizzy Krusha spinning around. (Klump saying that "[...]you slimy interplanetarian beta-types look awfully familiar.") Krusha then stops spinning and throws up on Klump while K. Rool is watching them via live video feed, angered that the plan has failed.

DK leads Diddy into the temple of Inka Dinka Doo, where everyone inside yells, "Surprise!" However, Diddy is scared by this and faints (though DK blames it on the green bananas). Inka himself then says, "Happy Inka Dinka Birthday!"


Interplanetary Visitor Dudes

Watch the Skies