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In the episode "Watch the Skies (Episode)", when General Klump and Diddy Kong are explaining to King K. Rool about the spinning UFO they just saw, K. Rool sings "Watch the Skies".


The aliens are planning their deadly invasion

They're armed with ray guns and mind-melting powers

Who knows what evil we can expect

Prepare yourself for a horrific encounter

In every monkey's life

Comes a time when you should stand up and fight (Watch the skies)

If you want some self-respect

Then get ready and watch the skies (Watch the skies)

There's only one chance to stop these invaders

You could turn them back with the coconut's power

Get the crystal and you go down in history

This could be Diddy's finest hour!

You could be the hero

There's a brilliant light that shines from your eyes (Watch the skies)

Aren't you sick of being a zero?

Just look up and watch the skies (Watch the skies)

It's up to you to watch the skies!