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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Location Snowflake Mountain
Balloon # Required 3, 11 (Silver Coin Challenge)
Transportation Car & Hovercraft
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Walrus Cove is the sixth track in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is the second track of the second world, Snowflake Mountain. The default vehicle for this track is the Car. Ironically, not many walruses can be seen. Three Golden Balloons are needed to enter this course, and after Bluey the Walrus is defeated the first time, the total Balloons needed to reenter and compete in the second challenge increases to eleven.

Track layout

The cove begins with a cave which leads to a massive ice slide which bends upwards. Zippers at the foot of the slide allow the players to traverse it. The slide comes out into another cave which leads to a snowy bridge which goes through the loop of the ice slide. The bridge takes a sharp turn into another cave which leads to a snowy rock canyon, there is a cliff shortcut when coming out of the cave. At the end of the short canyon the track is broken up by water before coming to a fork. The right hand side is normal width, contains broken patch of water, and three balloons (two red with a green in the middle). The left hand path is significantly narrower and harder to stay on but reaches the start line quicker than the other path, it also contains a rainbow balloon and a zipper.

In the Nintendo DS version, the water near the end of the track acts as normal water. In the original version, it bounces the player's car until they reach land; the water doesn't affect hovercrafts.

Coin Challenge location

Map of Walrus Cove showing silver coin locations

Like other tracks, Walrus Cove is filled with eight coins, scattered all around the area. The coins only appear after player has beaten Bluey the Walrus for the first time.

  1. Just before the ice slide begins.
  2. In the cave immediately following the ice slide to the left.
  3. To the immediate left, by the railing, after taking the sharp turn on the bridge, before the next cave begins.
  4. Near the exit of the next cave to the very right, near the cliff shortcut.
  5. In the center of the road in the canyon area.
  6. To the very far right of the road by the water just before the first water break in the road.
  7. On the left path at the fork in the road, just after the zipper.
  8. To the very far right of the road by the water at the fork in the road.


  • Despite the name of the track, no walruses are found inside it.
  • The music of this course is based on the instrumental Christmas tunes, "Here Comes Santa Claus" and "Winter Wonderland".
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