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A common Waldough
Homeland Unknown

Leader(s) Lord Fredrik
Affiliations Snowmads
Enemies Kongs

Waldoughs are Snowmads and enemies in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


The common Waldough appears as a large light-brown obese walrus with a blonde mustache. Instead of fins and a tail, they have large hands and feet. They also wear striped pants in light green with a rope.

Game Appearance and Strategy

In the game, Waldoughs are seen roaming around stages. They will hurt the Kongs with a shove and laugh at and/or even attack with a punch from behind. Due to their size, defeating a them will take three hits by jumping on top of or rolling at them by the side. They can be defeated by throwing a barrel or an enemy at them.


"The large walrus is big and beefy, and when you encounter you first Waldough, it is by far the toughest enemy you have come in contact with at that point in the game. It takes three Roll Attacks to defeat these big brutes. You can also bop them over the head three time to fell them for good."
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Prima's Official Game Guide, page 17

Notable Waldoughs

Image Description
Walbricks are Waldoughs with a large shield. They can be damaged the same way, but from behind.
Walnuts are Waldoughs with droopier mustaches and helmets. They can be rolled into three times to be knocked out, and cannot be stunned. They can also be defeated by having a Barrel or enemy thrown at them.
Chum Chucker Charlie
Chum Chucker Charlie
Chum Chucker Charlies are Waldoughs that throw fish at the Kongs. They can be defeated like normal Waldoughs.

Fish Poker Pops
Fish Poker Popses are Waldoughs with spears and helmets with two upward-pointing spikes. They can only be defeated by having them try to swing, and then rolling into them three times.

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Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Morsenaire Portmanteau of morse (walrus) and mercenaire (mercenary).
German Karlross From the name Karl and Walross (walrus)
Italian Trichingo Walrking; portmanteau of Tricheco (Walrus) and Vichingo (Viking)
Japanese ウォラス
Warus; derived from「ウォルラス」(worurasu, walrus)
Spanish Morsario Raso Portmanteau of morsa (walrus) and corsario (corsair), raso (private) indicates its rank.


  • The name is a portmanteau of Walrus and Dough.