A common Waldough
Leader Lord Fredrik
Homeland Unknown

Affiliations Snowmads
Enemies Kongs
Waldough is name of a race of bipedal walruses in the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Waldoughs are members of the Snowmads led by Lord Fredrik.


The common Waldough appears as a large light-brown obese walrus with a blonde mustache. Instead of fins and a tail, Waldough has large hands and feet. He also wears a striped pants in green light and dark made with a rope.

Game Appearance and Strategy

In the game, Waldough is seen roaming around stages. Waldough will basically hurt the Kongs with a shove and laugh in his physical act, and/or even attack with a punch from behind. Due to his size, defeating a Waldough will take three hits by jumping on top of him or rolling at him by the side. A Waldough can be defeated easily by throwing a barrel or an enemy.

Notable Waldoughs


  • According by Viking ships bows, pull ropes switches, shields, walrus skull with crossbones in explosive barrels and main leader; Waldoughs formed the Snowmad tribe.
  • The name is a portmanteau of Walrus and Dough.
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