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Artwork of Walbrick.

Walbrick is a type of Waldough appearing as a large enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Walbrick seems to be a member of the Snowmads.


Walbrick appears as a large dark-brown male Waldough with a long, dark brown, and white mustache. He carries a wooden and metallic shield. He also wears a helmet, a thin sleeveless jacket, shoulder pads, giant wristbands, and cotton-stuffed striped pants coloured in tinted and shaded navy blue, with a belt that has pockets and the Snowmad Insignia.

Game Appearance and Strategy

In the game, Walbrick walks with his shield as he infiltrates the stages. When he spots a Kong (player), he gets his shield in front of him as he tiptoes against the Kong. He can even sense when a Kong appears without looking and turn around readying his shield. He'll basically hit a Kong with his shield damaging a heart. A Kong cannot damage the Walbrick by jumping or rolling due to that he protects himself with his helmet and his shield. One way to defeat a Walbrick however is by jumping on him once, making him dizzy. When the Walbrick is jumped on, he'll expose his back as a weakness giving a Kong the opportunity for a roll attack. But, when you damage the Walbrick with a roll attack, he'll turn around facing the Kong. The Kong must stun him, and then roll attack him on the rear side three times due to his size to defeat him. Walbricks can be defeated more easy with Cranky Kong while bouncing with his stick.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning/Translation
German Rossmut From Walross (walrus) and Helmut (a german name)
Italian Trichingo scudiero Shielder Waldough
Japanese バクラウォラス
Bakura Worasu
Possibly from distortion of「バックラー」(bakkurā, buckler) and「ウォラス」(Worasu, Waldough)
Spanish Morsario Defensor Defender Walrus