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Vote of Kong-Fidence

"Vote of Kong-Fidence" is the thirty-fourth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series.

The episode begins with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong sitting on a tree branch, Diddy shooting bananas out of their peels at the big ape while Donkey Kong brags about how great it is to be the future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island. Diddy Kong states that DK hasn't worked at all, though Donkey Kong is about to state the grievances of his status when Cranky Kong conveniently shouts for him. The two fall out of the tree, Cranky Kong being at its base, and the elderly ape states that King K. Rool stole the Crystal Coconut. DK instantly runs off to get it back.

K. Rool, General Klump, and Krusha are riding in a mine cart back to their base with the Crystal Coconut when Donkey Kong, intercepting them on a vine, snatches the coconut out of K. Rool's hands. The Kremlings give chase, though are confused when they notice DK is leaning on a tree with a banana. Krusha then points out the log blocking the tracks, and the mine cart rams it, dazing the crocodiles. Donkey Kong then eats the banana and heads off.

At Bluster Barrelworks, DK is telling Candy Kong about how he defeated the Kremlings, with Diddy stating that this is the reason DK is future ruler of the island. However, just as Candy begins flirting with him, Bluster enters the conversation, insultingly stating that DK has no qualifications for the position. Candy then states that, "When it comes to big, brave, and good-looking, DK gets my vote!", and they walk away, leaving Bluster to think about the possible results of an actual election.

Donkey and Diddy are then at Cranky's Cabin, with Diddy playing "golf" (the ball being a banana, and the hole being DK's mouth). However, Cranky walks in, reading a book, and trips on Donkey Kong. The ape then gets mad, and has DK clean the cabin to make himself useful. Bluster then barges in, demanding an explanation from Cranky about how DK is the future ruler of the island. Cranky replied that it was a good question, though he states nothing more than that and demands Bluster leave. However, Bluster then demands that an election be held, so the island's future ruler can be chosen fairly. Cranky likes the idea, but decides to ask Inka Dinka Doo about it for his approval. He does so, the idol stating that, "Everyone is in the running, to make the outcome all the more stunning." He interprets this answer as a yes and tells the news to Donkey Kong, who is waiting outside. However, General Klump is listening to this, and heads off to report the information to King K. Rool.

Back at the Kremling's hideout, K. Rool is "finishing Mozart's unfinished symphony" when Klump arrives, telling him the news. K. Rool still believes he is the true ruler of the island, though he decides to run after considering the scenario if he were elected.

Donkey Kong is rummaging through Cranky's fridge, eventually emerging and carrying several bananas when an advertisement for Bluster's campaign airs on a television. Bluster then enters the cabin, wondering if Cranky will vote for him (and accidentally stabbing him with the pin); however, Cranky is only concerned with telling the two candidates how the election will work when K. Rool and Klump arrive. Donkey Kong and the others think he is interested in stealing the Crystal Coconut, though K. Rool states that he wants to be in the running for the future ruler. Donkey Kong laughs at the idea until Cranky tells him that, according to the Inka Dinka Doo, he is allowed to run.

Out in the forest, Donkey Kong is playing basketball, using a coconut and Diddy's arms as the hoop, though Diddy asks what they were doing had to do with his campaign. Donkey Kong states that it has nothing to do with it, though this concerns Diddy. However, DK asks if everyone likes him, Diddy replying, "Uh-huh, sorta." Donkey believes that, since everyone likes him, he needs to do nothing to win, and decides that that should be his campaign slogan. Diddy repeats the slogan, and states that, "at least it's honest."

Meanwhile, on the docks, K. Rool is out advertising his campaign. He notices Funky Kong and asks him what he is looking for in Kongo Bongo's leader, though he replies that all he wants at the moment is the "perfect wave". King K. Rool decides to use this to his advantage anyway and promises Funky "land surfing" if he is made leader. Funky is then given a demonstration upon asking what it is, which turns out to be Klump carrying him on his surfboard, and he decides he is voting for him just as Donkey and Diddy enter. Diddy then advises Donkey Kong to advertise his campaign.

Donkey Kong does so, knocking on Cranky's door just as K. Rool leaves, having promised a 100% increased research and development budget. Cranky then asks DK what he wants, and Donkey begins to recite a pre-written speech. However, when asked his platform, Cranky loses interest and slams the door. They then head to Candy's house, where K. Rool once again just leaving after talking to Candy and Dixie Kong about his idea for a "better Kongo Bongo". After Donkey Kong once again recites his "speech", he instantly thinks that the ladies will vote for him. However, Candy tells him K. Rool promised women's rights would be one of his prime issues, and when he states his campaign, they are disappointed and walk inside, shutting the door on him. Donkey Kong states that it isn't easy to be himself, to which Diddy replies that Donkey should try acting more like an actual politician.

In the woods, DK and Diddy Kong find Krusha. After singing a song basically telling him to vote for him, Donkey promises not to hit Krusha the next time he steals the Crystal Coconut. An exited Krusha then walks off, and Diddy emerges. Donkey Kong tells him that he didn't feel he was acting like himself, though Diddy tells him to prepare for the debate.

Outside Cranky's Cabin, Candy and Dixie enter, with Candy taking notice of Donkey Kong pacing outside. She wishes him luck, and DK assumes she will vote for him, though she states that she has to hear his ideas on the issues before she will. DK states to himself that he expected everyone to vote for him because he is liked, and K. Rool decides to join the conversation. The king gives him the advice that, since everyone knows him, he should lie about the other candidates.

The debate has begun, and Candy asks Bluster how he will deal with the current banana situation. Bluster states that he will do anything for his economic growth and prosperity, and DK states that it is just like him to say that, and that he "cheats on his taxes and wears a toupee"; the crowd is shocked by Donkey Kong's rudeness. Candy then asks K. Rool his opinion on the "ape-lizard conflict". He states that, if elected, he shall end the conflict, and the audience is cheering him on. However, Donkey Kong tells the crowd that King K. Rool is a thief, and that "he never calls his mother on her birthday", the insult once again shocking the crowd.

After the debate, Diddy Kong wonders why DK insulted the other candidates. The big ape replies that he was "telling it as it was", and that he hopes to gain support for it. However, everyone walks out shocked about how rude he was during the debate, and they cheer K. Rool as he exits. A depressed Donkey Kong walks away.

Diddy Kong later searches for him in the forest, Donkey Kong giving away his location by telling him nobody will vote for him. Diddy tries to cheer him up, stating many people will vote for him, though it doesn't work. He then tells Diddy he shouldn't have listened to K. Rool, leaving Diddy Kong shocked that Donkey listened to him in the first place, and tells him he can never change. DK states that everyone thinks he is a great candidate, though Diddy has a plan to expose him for what he truly is.

Phase one of their plan involves snatching the Crystal Coconut while Cranky isn't around. For phase two, Donkey Kong rolls the coconut into K. Rool's headquarters. The next phase of the plan has Donkey Kong gathering everybody, and revealing to them that the Crystal Coconut has been "stolen". At first Cranky does not buy it, thinking that it is another of Donkey Kong's tricks. DK tries to convince him otherwise when K. Rool actually walks in, wishing to return the coconut. DK wishes for K. Rool to explain how he obtained it, but the king retorts, stating that they should ask the person who should have been guarding it. He doesn't explain himself, leaving everyone gathered to once again cheer for K. Rool as he returns the coconut and leaves; even Diddy Kong has lost all faith in Donkey Kong.

Back at his cave, K. Rool is telling Klump and Krusha about what happened at Cranky's cabin. Klump is shocked to hear about how K. Rool returned the coconut, but he explains that he will steal it after he wins the election, and no one will believe he did it. He then tells the two minions about his next move.

It is election day, and Cranky tells Candy and Dixie that the votes will be tallied once he obtains all the ballots. Bluster emerges from the voting booth and asks for another ballot, but is outraged to learn that he only gets one. King K. Rool and his two minions then walk in, K. Rool handing them ballots while he walks off. Inside Cranky's cabin, Donkey Kong is pleading to the Crystal Coconut to tell him the right thing to do, asking for a sign. K. Rool then walks inside the cabin, and snatches the coconut. Donkey Kong then reveals his presence, and K. Rool panics, running outside the cabin and telling the others to run (but not before placing his vote). Donkey Kong activates one of the Trigger Barrels, causing a portion of the bridge to fly upward before him, the coconut flying out of his hands before he falls to the ground. Krusha catches the coconut, and DK tackles him, and is about to punch him before Krusha reminds him of his campaign promise. Donkey Kong then says that he will keep the promise if he will give him the Crystal Coconut. Krusha hands it over, but K. Rool, having climbed back up, rushes across the bridge and over to Cranky, who has just finished counting the votes. Bluster asks if he is the winner, though Cranky states that the only vote he received was his own (he also figures out that his mom didn't vote for him). He then states that the result is a stalemate between DK and K. Rool; however, Krusha states that he hasn't voted yet. He exits the booth and hands his ballot to Cranky, who announces that he voted for Donkey Kong, and the other Kongs cheer for him. K. Rool begins to chase him, demanding his reason for voting against him; Krusha explains that it was because Donkey Kong kept his campaign promise. The Kong then asks what issue he can take on, and Cranky states that he can clean up his cabin first. Donkey Kong then states everything he will do as future ruler, though Cranky Kong doesn't care; he still has him clean up his house anyway.


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