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Not to be confused with Vine Valley stage from the game Donkey Kong Country Returns
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Map.gif Vine Valley Map.gif
Vine Valley GBA.PNG
Vine Valley as seen in the GBA version of the game Donkey Kong Country.
Number of Stages 7
Boss(es) Queen B.
Greater Location Donkey Kong Island
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for SNES) (1994)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for GBA) (2003)

Vine Valley is the third world of Donkey Kong Island in the game Donkey Kong Country. The area is a vast pine tree forest that includes a small treehouse village and a bridge leading to a small jungle. In the small jungle, there is a temple at a large bay connected to the ocean. The time of day is around dusk due to the setting sun in the background. Queen B. is the boss of Vine Valley and is, interestingly enough, the only female boss in the game. Manky Kongs make their debut in this area. They dwell in the jungle stage, Orang-utan Gang.

Adjacent Worlds


Vulture Culture

This is the first stage of Vine Valley. This is also the very first forest stage of Donkey Kong Country. This stage is infested with Neckies and Mini-Neckies, which must be either avoided or jumped on. Mini-Neckys make their debut appearance in this stage; despite the "mini" in their name, they can be more threatening than a regular Necky because they shoot nuts from their mouths and because they are of similar sizes to Neckies, making Mini-Neckies harder to defeat.

Tree Top Town

Tree Top Town is the second stage and first "treehouse town" stage of Vine Valley. This stage has many Barrel Cannons to cross gaps from treehouse to treehouse. Tree Top Town is an complex system of treehouses, littered with endless pits and Kritters, making timing quite difficult. Practice is necessary to complete this stage. Experienced players, however, usually do not have much trouble after a few tries.

Forest Frenzy

Forest Frenzy is the third stage of Vine Valley. This stage contains less grounded platforms and many ropes and enemies that will hurt the Kongs on the ropes. The main enemies are adult Neckies and Zingers who are hazards to the Kongs on the ropes. As a result, patience with good timing will make this stage less difficult. After each rope section is a DK Barrel, allowing inexperienced players to regain their losses.

Temple Tempest

Stage swapped with Clam City in the Game Boy Advance version.
Temple Tempest is the fourth stage of Vine Valley and the final ruins stage of Vine Valley. Pink Gnawties on stone wheels chase the Kongs throughout this stage. The Gnawties roll in their large stone wheels like hamsters. Tires, which are used to bounce the Kongs high over the Gnawties and their stone wheels, are used often in this stage.

Orang-utan Gang

Stage swapped with Temple Tempest in the Game Boy Advance version.
Orang-utan Gang is the fifth stage of Vine Valley. What makes this stage unique is that it takes place on treetops instead of on the forest floor. At the very beginning of this stage, the sun begins to set, creating a very vibrant background. Manky Kongs not only make their debut appearance in this stage, but also give this stage its name. Although this is one of the longer stages, Expresso the Ostrich appears in it, making enemies like Klaptraps and Zingers easier to dodge.

Clam City

Stage swapped with Orang-utan Gang in the Game Boy Advance version.
Clam City is the sixth and final stage of Vine Valley, as well as the second underwater stage in Donkey Kong Country. This stage is infested with Clambos that spit out pearls usually at an angle. Recognizing the pattern in which their pearls are released will make this stage much easier. One small difference between this stage and Coral Capers, the first underwater stage, is the stage's background. Clam City's background is a bit darker than Coral Capers' background because Clam City takes place in a sea, whereas Coral Capers takes place in a small lake. Enguarde the Swordfish can be found yet again in this stage, though he cannot harm the Clambos or the pearls they release.

Bumble B Rumble

The boss battle in Bumble B Rumble is very straightforward. Queen B. will fly around, often hovering above the Kongs. Touching her will result in the loss of a Kong. The barrels that appear in this boss battle must be used to hit Queen B. many times until she falls to her defeat. After she is hit, she will become angry and red and fly at the Kongs until she becomes normal and yellow again. Once she returns to her normal state, the Kongs must hit her with a Barrel again. This process repeats many times. After Queen B. is defeated, the Kongs will progress to fourth world, Gorilla Glacier.



  • This is the only world in the game Donkey Kong Country that does not contain a cave stage.
  • In the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, the first stage of the Forest world is also called Vine Valley.