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"I can't believe it, you trampled all over Gnawty."
—Cranky Kong
Very Gnawty

Very Gnawty's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Alias(es) Co. boss of Gnawties (Really Gnawty as main boss)

Residence(s) Kongo Jungle
Family Gnawties,
Really Gnawty (co-ruler)
Species Gnawty

Powers/Abilities Decent jumping ability
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

Very Gnawty is the first boss of Donkey Kong Country. He is fought at the end of Kongo Jungle, in the stage "Very Gnawty's Lair."


Very Gnawty is a larger version of a regular Gnawty, but it differs from the regular Gnawties because it has the ability to jump. In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, he was green, as per the regular Gnawties in that version; however, in its Game Boy Advance remake, it was re-colored red (which was Really Gnawty's color in the SNES version).


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Being the very first boss of Donkey Kong Country, Very Gnawty does not pose that much of a threat. When the battle starts, the Kongs will automatically break open a DK Barrel so the battle begins with both Kongs.


Very Gnawty will then approach the monkeys with small hops. To defeat Very Gnawty, simply jump on its head five times.


After each hit, Very Gnawty looks towards the screen and laughs oddly (as if to mock the player) and, as the battle goes on, jumps farther and faster, increasing the difficulty until the fifth hit, where it falls to the ground in defeat.


Gameboy Advance

In the Game Boy Advance remake, the battle with Very Gnawty is nearly the same; however, the boss is nearly twice as large as Diddy Kong. Additionally, he gets re-colored red when he becomes invincible as he jumps to the opposite side of the screen after getting hit.



Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Gameboy Advance


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


  • In the Game Boy Advance version, hand slam the ground on the right side of the stage to get a photo of a Gnawty.
  • Very Gnawty is a very specie boss, as not only does Very Gnawty serves as the first boss of Donkey Kong Country and the first boss of the Donkey Kong Country series, but the very first boss in the entire Donkey Kong series.
  • In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country, Very Gnawty can be found in the Treehouse after defeating Really Gnawty, then he gets scared by the sight of Kongs and hops out of the treehouse. This happens only once per save file.

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