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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on November 16
  • I am tired
  • Saruhikofushimis

    Damn it

    December 9, 2016 by Saruhikofushimis

    I forgot to click send on an edit last night and lost my 259 day editing streak :) god damn it

    i mostly just edited to keep that going so i probs wont be back again for a while

    bye yall

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  • Saruhikofushimis

    Favourite Game

    March 24, 2016 by Saruhikofushimis

    Hey guys, I've never made a wikia blog post before but whatevs :)

    What are your favourite DK games?? Personally mine's Donkey Kong 64 since I haven't actually gotten to play a huge amount of them :/

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