Hello Donkey Kong Wiki users! PegasusMan here!

This blog is made for theorists that wish to sign up for the "Theorizing Bananas!" event, and be apart of a team that presents their results on one of PegasusMan's Monthly Blogs.

If you are interested in theorizing (all just for fun) in the "Theorizing Bananas!" event, please follow the instructions below to sign up:


To properly sign up for the "Theorizing Bananas!" event, create a comment at the bottom of this blog post and include what the instructions ask of you.

  1. Create a comment at the bottom of this blog post.
  2. Type your username (if you don't have a username, type "A Fandom Contributor")
  3. Press the "Return/Enter" key.
  4. Briefly explain how much you want to participate in this event. Attempt to convince PegasusMan to choose you.
  5. Press the "Return/Enter" key.
  6. Briefly describe one of your own theories (almost anything is acceptable - make sure it is related to the Donkey Kong universe in some way and it is original to you.)
  7. Press the "Return/Enter" key.
  8. Type "Theorizing Bananas!"
  9. Sign your username by putting four tildes (~) before your username.

Note: There is no sign up deadline!


Explanation of how much I want to participate in this event
Description of one of my own theories
"Theorizing Bananas!"

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