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Hello Donkey Kong Wiki users!  PegasusMan here!

I am very sorry for my inactivity lately; I've been extremely busy with life, to say the least.  Nevertheless, if you never see me edit, I'll for sure return for my Monthly Blog.


We're still at it with the Monthly Cursors!  This month, it's Krook we're using as a cursor.  It was very fun to make this cursor, as they all are.  Krook switches from being in 16-bit to artistic, a very cool change in my opinion.

About the Monthly Poll; 14 people say that Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong III's brother, 13 people say that Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong III's son, and 15 people say that Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong III's nephew!  Congratulations, Donkey Kong Wiki users, you have answered correctly!

Linking the Entire Word

Lately, I've been seeing lots of small mistakes in many of our pages; shame on me for not noticing them earlier.  One of the most prominent mistakes I've been seeing is that users are not linking the entire word when linking.

For example, I've been seeing this:


This is also the same thing as this:


Isn't the "'s" apart of the word? I believe it is, thus it should be linked like so:


That is also the same as:


Keep that in mind, and we'll be on our way to creating the best wiki possible for all things Donkey Kong!

Top contributor

This week's top contributor so far is REYCJF!! Congratulations, REYCJF! Keep up the hard work!

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