The title says it all! I am looking for some episode ideas for the DKC pitch bible I am making.... I will credit you for the sample episode idea on the P.B.
CHARACTERS on the series that can be used for sample episode ideas
  • Donkey Kong (Main)
  • Diddy Kong (Main)
  • Cranky Kong (Main)
  • Dixie Kong (Main)
  • King K,Rool (Main)
  • Funky Kong (Main)
  • Candy Kong (Main)
  • Tiny Kong (DK 64 version!!) (Main)
  • Lanky Kong (Main)
  • Chunky Kong (Main)
  • Kiddy Kong (Main)
  • Swanky Kong (Secondary)
  • Klump (Secondary)
  • Krusha (Secondary)
  • Wrinkly Kong (Secondary)
  • DK's animal friends (Rambi, enguarde, etc.) (Secondary)
Oh yeah.. There are these two other human characters, but there's already 2 sample episodes about them.
Submit the idea in the comment section of this blog... or whatnot. Please help me for some ideas. I am desperate.