Hello everyone! I remember playing Donkey Kong Country the first time! It was awesome! Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest was the best game in the series! Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! was different, but I like it.

My favorite character is Dixie Kong. She's cute! I like her long ponytail! I knew that she would be the hero of the third game before it ever came. I also like her because she's blonde and wears pink (including pink toenails). I thought she had blue eyes to match the universal blonde-hair/blue-eyes trait.

I use to watch the cartoon when it was on Fox Family (now ABC Family).

Candy looks sexy as she appears now since DK Jungle Climber! She dressed almost like in the cartoon (tight T-shirt, mini-shorts, and belt - though she doesn't wear sandals). She has big boobs like she started having in Donkey Kong 64! I like her also because of her long blonde hair, pink clothing, pink toenails, blue eyes, and her flirty attitude and posture! Yeah, I like blue-eyed blondes a lot! I wonder if she has a sort of Southern accent, because she called DK "sugar" in the GBA port of the first game.

I like how Candy and Dixie are good friends in the cartoon. I guess its to serve as a foil for DK and Diddy's friendship. They should add to that in the games now. Especially since they're both blondes and wear pink.

Kalypso should be Candy's rival instead of Tiny.

Up until recently I've always believed that Donkey Kong in the current games was Donkey Kong Jr. and Cranky Kong was the Donkey Kong who've kidnapped Pauline and fought Mario. When I found out Donkey Kong was originally going to be the same original one while Diddy Kong was going to be an updated Donkey Kong Jr., I thought they should have went through that approach. That would have avoided the constant debates.

Someday I'll probably write fanfics in which that Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong Jr., the son of Donkey Kong and a female monkey, though "Diddy" would be his nickname. Diddy retroactively "replaces" Donkey Kong Jr., Diddy is the one who rescues his dad from Mario in Donkey Kong Junior. My fanfics would take place in a shared universe with characters from the games, cartoon, and comics, with probably occasional appearances from Mario characters.

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