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The character called "Unseen goat enemy" is a unique goat appearing in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is only seen in the conceptual art of the game, and the staff credits cutscene of the Nintendo Switch version. It could be assumed that the "Unseen goat enemy" is a husbandry animal and/or pet of the Snowmads. Despite being considered an enemy, the Kongs never encounter nor interact with it in the game.

Physical Appearance[]

The appearance of this unseen enemy can be described as having a bell on its neck, having a purple head and neck, as well as a darker shade of purple for its nose. It has an angry expression, and has two wrinkled eyelids. It has black pupils, and a white iris. It has dark hooves, and has a white coat of fur. It has two curled back horns that have five lines on them. It has a beard at the bottom of its chin which is grey, as if it were a mountain goat (which fits the setting).