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Tuffton as a figurine.

Tuffton is a large type of Hootz and is a flying enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The Tuffton is a member of the Snowmads and similar to the Puffton.


Tuffton appears as large male gray owl, with yellow eyes, white eyebrows, blue beak, white mustache with hair ties, white chest, and grey talons. He wears a belt with a Snowmad Insignia and a strap on his right. He appears to be exactly like the Puffton, only the Tuffton wears a dented helmet on his head.

Game Appearance and Strategy

Tufftons can fly horizontally, vertically, or stay put airborne. With a tuffton wearing a helmet on his head, the Tuffton can protect himself from being jumped on; meaning that when a jumping on the Tuffton, he'll take no damage. However, one way to defeat a Tuffton is with Cranky Kong with his stick. They can also be defeated by throwing a barrel or even an enemy such as a Tuff Tuck or a Tuff Fluff.