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Tuff Fluff as a figurine.

Tuff Fluff is a type of Fluff appearing as an enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He appears to be a member of the Snowmads.


Tuff Fluff appears as male rabbit with gray fur, blue eyes and white beard painted with blue arrows, a white chest, and white paws. He wears an orange helmet on his head, making him similar to Tuff Tuck.

Game Appearance and Strategy

In the game, Tuff Fluffs tend to hop like the other Fluffs, and can attack with a kick. When jumping on a Tuff Fluff, instead of defeating him simply, he will fall on its back. This gives the ability to pick up the Tuff Fluff, and throw him like the Tuff Tuck. The player can throw the Tuff Fluff at another enemy, a blocked passage, or a hanging Snowmad bag.