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Figurine of a regular Tuck as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Tucks are species of penguin enemies from the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Tucks are notable members of the Snowmad Tribe, and they appear to be the most common enemy in the game.

Physical Appearance[]

Tucks can be seen as a slouching blue penguin with white and green striped pants that was made with a rope tied in a knot. Their beaks are pointed and molded into an arrowhead-like structure, and they also have angry looking eyes with signs of tiredness underneath them. Their belly is symmetrical, and has pints on it starting from the arm. They also has small tails in back that are blue.


Three Tucks

Three Tucks walking in a line as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

In the game, Tucks can be seen roaming around areas of levels and can hurt the playable characters such as DonkeyDiddyDixie, Cranky and Funky Kong. Tucks will attack with a slap whether in front or behind. Tucks can be defeated simply by jumping on them once, rolling into them, or throwing an object or another enemy at a Tucks. 


  • Tuff Tucks are similar to regular Tucks but have a helmet, wristbands and a belt. When they are jumped on once, they will be flipped on their backs temporarily. During this state, the Kongs will not be harmed upon contact and they can be pick these enemies up, and throw them like barrels in order to break objects or defeat strong enemies. Tuff Tucks can defeated on the spot by being rolled into or having single barrels thrown at them. They can also be stunned by the ground-pound move.
  • Pointy Tucks are Tucks wearing a gold helmet with two horns pointing upwards. They can harm the primates if they jump on their heads. It is advisable to defeat these enemies by the heroes using roll attacks into them. However, Rambi the Rhinoceros' attacks and Cranky Kong's cane attack are capable of defeating Pointy Tucks by hitting on their heads safely. They are also susceptible to be stunned by the ground-pound move.
  • Trench Tucks are Pointy Tucks carrying wooden shields. They cannot be jumped on or rolled into from in front, but knocked out from behind. The ground-pound move will stun them and make them to drop their shields temporarily, letting them open to roll attacks from both sides. Rambi can easily defeat Trench Tucks and Cranky's cane can harm them by bouncing on their heads.
  • Archies are Tucks that can shoot dead fishes as arrows. They shoot three fishes forward at regular intervals and the projectiles can be bounced on by the Kongs. However, there are rare red variants of Archies which shoot fishes on fire, and they must avoided at all costs by the player. Both variants of Archies can be defeated by single jump attacks, roll attacks or barrels thrown at them. They can also be stunned temporarily by the ground-pound move.
  • Boom Birds are red Tucks that carry Watermelon Bombs. The first variant can found patrolling inside levels, and after they are defeated by any single regular attacks, they will drop down the bomb. Before it explodes, the primates can pick the object up and throw it at enemies or obstacles. The second variant of Boom Birds appears throughout the background of the level Sea Stack Attack, and they throw bombs at the same plane of the heroes at regular intervals. The same bombs can also used by the Kongs before they explode, but these enemies are out of the reach of the primates.
  • Speedy Tucks are Tucks with red shorts. After noticing the heroes, these enemies will move at faster speed over their areas of patrol. Speedy Tucks can be defeated the same way as regular Tucks by any attacks. They can also be stunned by the ground-pound move.
  • Painguin Tucks are hunched-over Tucks carrying spears made out of fish bones. They move towards the Kongs after noticing them nearby. The primates must avoid to use roll attacks into the spear. However, it is safe to roll into Painguin Tucks from behind or bounce on them, defeating them by single attacks in the process. After they are stunned temporarily by the ground-pound move, they will drop down their spears, making the Painguin Tucks vulnerable against physical attacks from both sides. They can also be easily defeated by barrels thrown at them.
  • Papa Painguins are Painguin Tucks that also have pointy helmets on their heads. The long spears and helmets make them immune against jump attacks and roll attacks. Usually, they must be stunned by the ground-pound move first in order to drop their spears, making them open to roll attacks. However, Rambi can defeat Papa Painguins without suffering harm, and Cranky can bounce on their heads safely by using his cane attack.
  • Soaries are Tucks that fly through the sky at horizontal lines. They can only be defeated by the primates jumping on them or throwing single barrels at them. The heroes can also use the Soaries as bouncing platforms to reach high places or traverse wide pits.
  • Big Sphens are bigger Tucks that carry horns which they blow into to make small ice statues. At regular intervals, they will create multiple projectiles which will slide forward. Inside levels, the heroes will find these projectiles coming towards them before meeting the enemies. It is possible to bounce on the statues, but roll attacks will harm the Kongs. After reaching the Big Sphens, they can be defeated by three hits from roll attacks and/or jump attacks. During the battle against Pompy, The Presumptuous, the boss will summon variants of Big Sphens. They are capable of jumping from the background and landing over the primates. They can be just avoided, but they can defeated by single roll attacks or jump attacks. Similar variants will appear during the third phase of the same boss battle, and they will slide around the ramp of the arena. They can only be harmed by single jump attacks.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Gorfufu
German Peingu
Italian Pinguingo
Spanish Vilgüino Raso