Tuck as a figurine.

A Tuck is an enemy in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Tucks are notable members of the Snowmad Tribe, and they appear to be the most common enemy in the game.


Tucks can be seen as a slouching blue penguin with white and green striped pants that was made with a rope tied in a knot. Their beaks are pointed and molded into an arrowhead-like structure, and they also have angry looking eyes with signs of tiredness underneath them. Their belly is symmetrical, and has pints on it starting from the arm. They also has small tails in back that are blue. 


Three Tucks

Three Tucks walking in a line.

In the game, Tucks can be seen roaming around areas of stages and can hurt the playable characters such as Donkey KongDiddy KongDixie Kong, and Cranky Kong. Tucks will attack with a slap whether in front or behind. Tucks can be defeated simply by jumping on them once, rolling into them, or throwing an object or another enemy at a Tucks. 

Notable Tucks

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