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Tricky Temple
World Kremlantis
Type Temple
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Enemies Encountered Kritters, Gnawties, Slippas, Armies, Krushas
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land

Tricky Temple is the first stage of Kremlantis in the game, Donkey Kong Land and it is the first temple stage of the game.

In this stage, there are a lot of ledges where the Kongs must climb up to advance through the stage. This stage is also the first stage to introduce Krusha, an enemy that is too strong for Diddy Kong to defeat, but whom Donkey Kong can defeat. Along with Krushas, Kritters, Gnawties, Slippas and Armies also appear in this stage.

Bonus Stages

  1. In the end of the stage's abyss.


Donkey Kong Land - Tricky Temple

Donkey Kong Land - Tricky Temple

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