Diddy Kong Racing Track
Trickys course
Location Dino Domain
Balloon # Required 5 (indirectly)
Transportation Car
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Tricky's Course is the first boss course of Diddy Kong Racing and its remake Diddy Kong Racing DS and is found in the Dino Domain world. In this level the player must beat Tricky the Triceratops to the top of a spiraling desert mountain full of obstacles. There are some minor changes to the track in the DS version of the game.


Once the player beats him the first time Tricky unlocks the silver coin challenges for all the Dino Domain race courses. After players have beaten all the silver coin challenge courses players will have a rematch with Tricky, like the silver coin challenge races this rematch will be more difficult than the original race. Once the player has beaten Tricky both times the first quarter of the stone carving of Wizpig's head on Timber Island will become colored in to indicate the players success.

Course Layout


  • In the DS version there are no shortcuts, though the track is considered easier than the original version to compensate.
  • Additionally, there is a segment of the DS version that utilises the touch screen which for obvious reasons was not featured in the original track.
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