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Triangle trample

Triangle Trample is a move that was introduced in Donkey Kong 64. This move can be used while playing as Chunky Kong. To perform this action, Chunky Kong must stand on a triangle pad and the player must hold down the Z button on the back of the N64 controller and press C up. Something may happen when Chunky Kong performs this move. However, This move will also destroy all enemies in the area. Chunky Kong's instrument uses up power, Chunky Kong can recharge by using a headphone set. When the player uses this move on a Music Pad, it doesn't use up any power. This move only uses up power when the player uses this move to attack all of the enemies in sight which doesn't require a Music Pad to perform. The other Kongs use other instruments; different to Chunky's instrument. However, they all do the same thing.

To unlock this move, Chunky Kong must pay three Banana Coins to Candy Kong.