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Trench Tuck as a figurine.

Trench Tuck is a small type of Tuck and a member of the Snowmads as it appears as an enemy in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


A Trench Tuck is basically a Pointy Tuck as it is a small dark-blue penguin with a Viking helmet, and a collar with its Snowmad Insignia, only the Trench Tuck carries a wooden shield.

Game Appearance

In the game Trench Tucks roam around levels with their shields. With their shield and their helmet, the Trench Tuck makes itself invulnerable to jumping and rolling attacks. One way to defeat it is to ground-pound with a Kong stunning the Trench Tuck and making it drop its shield for a roll attack. Trench Tucks can also be defeated easily by Rambi or with Cranky Kong with his stick to bounce on Trench Tuck's helmet.