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Treasure Caves
Treasure caves
Location Sherbet Island
Requirement(s) 16 Golden Balloons (regular course),
22 Golden Balloons (Coin Challenge course)
Vehicle Type(s) Car, Hovercraft & Plane
Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing,
Diddy Kong Racing DS
First Appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest Appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
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Treasure Caves is the twelfth track in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is the fourth track of the third world, Sherbet Island. The default vehicle for this track is the Car. While the track is basically identical between the two versions of the game, the DS remake plays different music on the track in comparison to the original. The player needs a total of 16 Golden Balloons to compete in this course.

Course Layout[]

The beginning of the course is fairly straightforward but depending on the vehicle chosen by the racers can be taken in one of two ways; if using a Car or Hovercraft racers will take a bridge over a waterfall through to a tunnel in the cliff-side. If in a Plane, racers can veer to the right over the water and take a zipper near some pinnacles. Plane racers can either go through the same tunnel as other racers or can alternatively go through a second tunnel in the cliff-face. All racers will then converge at a stone arch before entering a gloomy looking cave containing a shipwreck. Within the cave the track is bordered by green water, there is a zipper for terrestrial racers while plane racers can access a rainbow balloon. The cave later narrows down into a small torch lit tunnel that curves to the left before exiting at the starting line.

Coin Challenge Locations[]

Treasure caves map

Map of Treasure Caves Silver Coin locations.

Like other levels, Treasure Caves is filled with eight Silver Coins, scattered all around the area. The coins only appear after player has beaten Bubbler the Octopus for the first time. In order to reenter the course and compete in the Coin Challenge, the player needs a total of 22 Golden Balloons.

  1. Directly ahead of the starting line, by the cliff wall.
  2. Immediately after exiting the short tunnel on the right, slightly hidden when coming over the hill.
  3. Directly ahead of the zipper under the stone arch.
  4. Just beyond the #7 coin, on the left hand side of the track.
  5. At the entrance to the final tunnel, on the left side.
  6. On the tunnel side of the bridge, on the very right hand side beyond the zipper.
  7. Under the shipwreck to the right side of the track.
  8. At the entrance to the final tunnel, on the right side.


  • Treasure Caves shares its music theme with the course Pirate Lagoon also appearing in both games.
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