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World(s) Factory
Type Temple
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Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies Encountered Tiki Goon, Tiki Buzz & Pyrobot
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns & Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Treacherous Track is a secret temple stage and the fifty-fifth stage in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the tenth stage in the Factory world. It is the seventh secret stage in the game, and all of the Factory world's K-O-N-G Letters must be collected to unlock it. It is preceded by Lift-off Launch and followed by Feather Fiend.



As the Kongs slam into the stage, they are seen jumping across a large chasm in a Launch Barrel. Before this barrel is a DK Barrel as well. When they reach the end, they jump onto a moving platform and then they must use the lights to flip a track in the background to make it come to them. After this comes a Tiki Goon and a Pyrobot, along with 8 Bananas. After this is a red light they must make yellow to have a track flip in from teh background, but a Tiki Buzz is after this as well, so watch out. After this is a platform with an antique vase that holds a random item (?), but after this is a crouching section with a Tiki Goon after it, along with a Launch Barrel as well. After this is a platform with the first Puzzle Piece below it, and a Tiki Goon and Pyrobot on top. There is also 10 Bananas below and 2 on top. The platform will go down, and there will be another 3 platforms with a Tiki Buzzes in the middle with 5 Bananas above each one. Flip on the switch to find another Pyrobot and 2 Bananas. The switch activates another part of the track for the platform to move on. Duck below a spiked platform, and then the platform goes up to another platform 5 Bananas, as it goes down as well. This leads to a platform with a Tiki Goon and it also has 12 Bananas. After this is a Tire that the Kongs can bounce on to make it to another platform with a vase. There is also 3 platforms with the second Puzzle Piece. Above is also another Tiki Buzz as well. Past this is another platform with a Pyrobot and 3 Bananas witha bouncy tire with another platform with 5 Bananas. Reaching this platform activates another one with a Tiki Goon and 4 Bananas, as well as 2 more after this with a Tiki Buzz and 10 Bananas separated underneath 2 platforms. Above is the third Puzzle Piece. There is a switch theta activates the platform with 4 Bananas and a spiked one afterwards. Past this is 3 platforms with a larger one blocking the track. The first platform has 5 Bananas. Past this is a platform with a vase and 5 Bananas and 2 Tiki Buzzes afterwards. Below it is a bouncy tire with the fourth Puzzle Piece. After this is a spiked platform and a platform with a Pyrobot and 8 Bananas. After this is a small platform with 3 Tiki Buzzes after it with 15 Bananas in total above them (if you collect all 3 bunches.). A platform is after this and it has 4 Bananas and a vase. Below is a switch bet this platform and another smaller one. After this is a Tiki Buzz and a spiked upward facing platform and a Banana bunch above it. There is another Tiki Buzz after this with another spiked platform. There is also a small fragile platform in between both enemies. This platform has the fifth and final Puzzle Piece. A downward facing platform is after this with a smaller platform and 2 Tiki Buzzes. They have a long spiked upward facing platform underneath them, along with a switch above. Past this is 5 Bananas on a small platform with a Tiki Buzz with a switch above it and a spiked platform below it. After this is 2 platform with a switch on the highest one and 5 Bananas below the 2nd one. After this is 2 Tiki Buzzes and spikes, as well as a smaller platform between them with a switch below it. After this is a downward facing platform, with the end just after it.



Puzzle Pieces[]


The puzzle of Treacherous Track is of a strawberry on a light green background. When all the pieces are found after defeating Colonel Pluck in his Stompybot 3000, the Factory Diorama is added to the Diorama Gallery.

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