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Toy Monster

The Toy Monster is a mini-boss of Frantic Factory in Donkey Kong 64.


The appearance of the Toy Monster consists of 4 enemies: 3 Super Blocks, 4 Sir Dominoes, 2 Rulers, and 1 Mr. Dice. The Mr. Dice is the head of the monster, while the Super Blocks make up the torso and arms. The Rulers make up the rest of the arms, while the Mr. Dominoes make up the legs and feet.


Chunky Kong must jump into a nearby Chunky Barrel to become Hunky Chunky, which allows Chunky to attack the ginormous monstrosity. The best idea here is to run in and attack, and run back and repeat the 1st part. After the Toy Monster has taken enough hits, it will crumble, and give Chunky its Golden Banana.


  • Although the shockwave attack deals damage to the Toy Monster, Chunky will end up hurting himself in the process.