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ExitIsNearSign Total Rekoil ExitSign
Kiddy approaching a Re-Koil.
World(s) Cape Codswallop
Type Mill
Music Theme(s) Mill Fever

Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Re-Koils, Kobbles, Sneeks, Buzzes
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Total Rekoil, (トータルリコイル Tōtaru Rikoiru in Japan), is the fourth stage in Donkey Kong Land III and Cape Codswallop. It comes after Ford Knocks and before Koco Channel.


This stage takes place in a watermill located in Cape Codswallop. In this stage, many ropes and platforms must be used to advance throughout the stage. Re-Koils apparently get in the monkeys' way a lot in the stage. Other enemies include Kobbles, Sneeks and Buzzes.


  • Even though Re-Koil's name has a capital K and a hypen, the stage refers the name to Rekoil. This is also with Krockhead Klamber while Krochead's name doesn't have a K in it.
  • The stage's name is most likely based on the film Total Recall and the total recall term meaning photograph memory.