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Toshihide Tsuchiya Arts Vision 2013

Toshihide Tsuchiya as seen in 2013, from his profile on the website of Arts Vision[1].[2]

Toshihide Tsuchiya (土屋トシヒデ) is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo and born on November 11, 1963. He provided voices for characters in some games from the Donkey Kong and Mario series. Tsuchiya is a current employee at the agency Arts Vision[1].

List of Game Portrayals[]

Donkey Kong series[]

Mario series[]


  • At some point, the voice actors Katsumi Suzuki[3] and Takashi Nagasako[4], who also provided voices for characters in Nintendo games, were employees at the agency Arts Vision. However, Suzuki is now an employee at the agency 81 Produce[5].