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Torch Tusk
Torch Tusk

Residence(s) Peach Kingdom
Species Tusk
Gender Male

Powers/Abilities cannonballs, fire cannonballs, energy laser
Enemies Donkey Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Torch Tusk is the boss of the Peach Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the third Tusk boss as a whole. The battle against Torch Tusk seems to take place in a volcano.

Boss Battle[]

Torch Tusk is fought the same way as the past two Tusk boss is faced, he will shoot cannonballs from his trunk, but this time, he has the Energy Laser attack at the start of the battle, but this one is harder to dodge. A pit of lava separates him from Donkey Kong, like the other Tusks, Donkey Kong must throw a Pineapple Bomb at Torch Tusk as he sucks up air, he will suck in Pineapples Bombs, and they will explode inside of him and his weak point (his heart) will appear, he will launch four Pineapple Bombs that must be thrown at Torch Tusk's heart to do major damage, once he loses one-third of his HP, he gets a new attack, as the cannonballs he shoots are now on fire, and will set the platform they land on ablaze, each will spread, he will fire each cannonball at a platform, making it more difficult for Donkey Kong to avoid the flames.