Artwork of a Toothberry from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Toothberries are enemies found in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D that try to bite Donkey and Diddy Kong and take away one heart of health on contact. The blue type is found in their own level, Itty Bitty Biters, in the Ruins, as well as the Forest level Clingy Swingy. They are very aggressive and will jump out of walls and panels in the floor. Blue Toothberries usually attack in large groups. They can be defeated by a single bouncy or roll attack.

Red Toothberries are larger, more aggressive, less common, and jump higher than their blue counterparts. They are slightly harder to beat than regular Toothberries due to the fact that they jump around and actively pursue the Kongs. Red Toothberries can be defeated by two bouncy attacks, a roll attack or throwing a barrel at them.

Acks, or Ackstacks, are another form of Toothberries who are colored yellow and are found only in stacks of five. Upon seeing the heroes, they will throw themselves in an attempt to bite the primates. This leaves them very vulnerable with their mouths stuck in the ground. With all five of them lying there it is rather easy for the Kongs to earn some Banana Coins by bouncing over all of them consecutively.

Cageberries are blue Toothberries trapped in pointy cages. They are invincible to any attacks by the primates. If the Kongs ground-pound close by or roll into them, the Cageberries will turn upside-down, allowing the heroes to step on the cages. If the primates pound on the cage base three times, the Cageberries will throw the Kongs high into the air, allowing them to reach items and platforms.


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