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Time Attack Color (Donkey Kong Land III)

The Time Attack mode in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Land III.

Time Attack is a mode in Donkey Kong Land III. This mode can be unlocked by collecting all of the DK Coins and Bonus Coins along with defeating Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World.

In this mode, there are twelve different levels with all having their different respective themes. Dixie and Kiddy must try to complete the levels as quickly as possible to complete the level and win against all of the previous high scores to get a result of 103 percentage of completion in the game. Levels completed have an exclamation mark right next to them. Strangely, the levels do not have their actual names, but rathermore their theme as the name.

Levels in the Time Attack mode[]

Level name Actual level Default time
Slilt Ford Knocks 0:48:00
Mill Liftshaft Lottery 1:30:00
Snow Polar Pitfalls 0:53:00
River Riverbank Riot 0:55:00
Coral Seabed Shanty 1:20:00
Tree Simian Shimmy 1:22:00
Cliff Clifftop Critters 1:20:00
Machine Bazuka Bombard 1:40:00
Falls Rickety Rapids 2:00:00
Cave Stalagmite Frights 1:45:00
Jungle Tropical Tightropes 0:58:00
Tube Whiplash Dash 0:46:00




  • For unknown reasons, the most recent time is displayed in the Game Boy version, but not the Game Boy Color version.