Timber the Tiger
Timber's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.

Residence Timber's Island
Family His parents
Species Tiger

Powers/Abilities Kart Racing Skills
Enemies Wizpig

Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing DS

Timber the Tiger is a young and slightly incompetent tiger cub in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake/sequel, Diddy Kong Racing DS. His parents left him in charge of their island home while they were on vacation with their good friends: The Kong Family, until he called for help to his childhood friend Diddy and to other his friends to fight against the evil Wizpig. He rides in green vehicles and has medium control and medium acceleration.


It is unknown if Timber was going to reappear in the cancelled Donkey Kong Racing as Taj would have and may have set a reappearance in the now canceled Diddy Kong Racing sequel, Diddy Kong Pilot. He has an English accent, comes from London, England and wears a blue cap with a Rare logo, now a Nintendo logo and a red paisley neckerchief.


  • In Diddy Kong Racing DS, Timber appears to have an Australian accent.
    • Also, when Rare was bought by Microsoft, the Rare logo on his hat changed to the Nintendo DS logo.
  • His statistics are actually the lowest in comparison to the other characters in Diddy Kong Racing, having 2/5 top speed and acceleration and having 3/5 in handling making him basically a weaker version of Diddy.
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