Five Tiki Zings

Tiki Zings are enemies found in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They can only be defeated by Rambi or by throwing a Barrel at them. They resemble circular saw blades that can be big, medium or small; although, when big, they cannot be harmed at all. They are most commonly seen on the levels with barrels (the launching kind, not the throwable kind). Some move up and down, others in a circle and some just spin. There are also Flaming Tiki Zings that cannot be defeated.

If you try to use Rambi, he will run away (as fire weakens him) and you willl lose a heart. Tiki Zings can be found in the Cliff world, in the Forest world, a level in the Ruins, and in the Factory world (but only on one level).
Tiki Zing DKCR
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