Thunder Roc
Thunder Roc is a boss of the Lychee Kingdom and is the final Roc boss fight of the game.


Thunder Roc is basically the same as the three past Roc fights, but is colored in whit, red and dark orange, This boss has a noticeably darker and more threatening looking, compared to its previous lookalikes.

Boss Battle

Thunder Roc is one of the most powerful Rocs in the game, it's attack pattern is very similar to the other Rocs, it can fire an eight-way feather shoot, can flap its wings to blow Donkey Kong away, can both blow away and fire the eight-way feather shoot at Donkey Kong and can fire a three-way meteor blast like before, once it loses one-third of its HP, it can fire a large meteor blast, and gets a new ability, being able to fire a multi purple blast from its mouth that can turn into a fish-like demon, the attack can be bounce back at the Roc, it carries a giant egg. This egg is also the player's only way to defeat the boss.