Thugly from Donkey Kong Country Returns
Aliases Mugly
Family Mugly

Gender Male
Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Thugly is the boss of Cliff in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D who appears to be related to Mugly, the boss of the Jungle world.


Thugly looks similar to Mugly, except he has hot iron plates on his back (similar to those on an armadillo), his teeth are sharper and he is purple. His eyes are also smaller and red, and he has sharper horns.


When Donkey and Diddy Kong blast up into a lair in the mountains, they see Thugly munching on their bananas. Suddenly the Tiki Tak Tribe appears and Xylobone hypnotizes Thugly to fight the Kongs, causing the battle to begin. The battle is very similar to Mugly's. In all states, Thugly will dash, curling up his plates every time he skids. When the plates on his back stay open, you must jump on his back. In all states he will quickly charge into the wall that far from him and cause rocks to fall, thus becoming dizzy and falling onto his back, after which you must jump on his stomach. He also will leap up and crash down near you, producing a harmful shockwave. After three hits, he will become orange. In this state, he will be able to shoot a stream of fire (like a dragon) that extends all the way across the arena, which you must duck under. After three more hits, he will become red, and he will now be able to spit meteorites.  The meteorites split into three smaller ones while in the air. After each state transition, he crashes through the floor, bringing the Kongs and himself nearer to the bottom of the canyon. After beating him, DK will punch Xylobone and end the stage.

 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U

Thugly appears as a trophy.

Trophy Information

NA: Thugly charges at you after being hypnotized by Xylophone Tiki. The weak spot on his back is well protected by an opposite-of-a-weak-spot shell. When he comes to an abrupt halt, the shell will flip forward. At last, the time to strike! Thugly should really get some bungee cords or something to hold that in place.

PAL: A charging monster controlled by a Tiki called Xylobone. There's a weak point on his large back, but it's covered by a thick shell, so can it even be called a weakness at all? Well, it doesn't protect him all the time - when he brakes suddenly, the shell flips open! Someone should tell Thugly to glue that thing down...


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