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SSBU The Rivals 1

King K. Rool's reveal as a newcomer fighter during the trailer The Rivals of the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch.

The Rivals is a computer-generated animated trailer of the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, announcing King K. Rool's inclusion in the game as a playable character. It aired at the end of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct on August 8, 2018.


The trailer begins with the Super Smash Bros. series cross logo forming out of a black background, similar to the character trailers for the previous installment. It then cuts to a montage of various stills showing various rivals fighting each other, first showing Mario fighting Bowser while the latter is holding Princess Peach in a fiery background; Ganondorf lunging at Link and Princess Zelda, with the former placing his outstretched sword arm in defense of the latter while in the midst of an ornate room; Kirby and Meta Knight dueling in the clouds; Wolf O'Donnell with claws outstretched about to fight Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi (the former with his blaster armed) in the midst of a space battle, and Samus Aran charging her Arm Cannon at a roaring Ridley in a mechanical room before the images "shut off" in a similar manner to an old TV screen.

It then cuts to a closeup of Donkey Kong yawning before he throws his eaten banana peel while lazily lounging on the floor of his treehouse, while Diddy Kong is merely lying on the tire swing. A quake then occurs and startles both Kongs, causing them to look around. After another quake, they then proceed to look outside to investigate just as a shadow looms over the treehouse. Upon noticing the shadow, they see a silhouette of an ominous and faintly familiar individual. However, it then with a roar reveals itself to be King Dedede wearing a cape and a mask resembling King K. Rool and then pointing to himself. Donkey and Diddy Kong then express some shock. King Dedede then moves around erratically while laughing so hard he is breaking into tears over his prank on them. However, as he is busy laughing over the prank, he fails to notice the actual King K. Rool emerge behind him and proceed to slap him upside the head and away. K. Rool then prepares to threateningly roar and raise his arms in an intimidating manner as the tagline "King K. Rool Comes Aboard!" is shown. Donkey and Diddy then scream while their eyes bulge out in horror far enough to shatter the window. King K. Rool then takes a step forward and breathes steam out of his snout before letting out a skyward roar as an arrange for the music theme Gang-Plank Galleon[1] plays in the background.

Gameplay footage then commences, showcasing King K. Rool slamming his foot down Sumo-style (his Down Taunt in the game), as well as various special and regular attacks. He is then shown knocking away Diddy and using his Final Smash on him: charging up his Blast-O-Matic machine (from the game Donkey Kong 64), he then blasts DK Island away.

SSBU The Rivals 2

Donkey Kong and King K. Rool's fists connecting, alongside Diddy Kong's foot, as seen during a scene of the trailer The Rivals of the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch.

It then shows Donkey Kong being knocked away, before running at his rival on all fours, with King K. Rool doing vice versa, before jumping into the air and having their fists connect (as well as Diddy Kong's foot connect with K. Rool's fist) with enough force to cause a massive shockwave to ripple through the jungle. After this, the title logo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appears.

The trailer then ends with Donkey and Diddy Kong celebrating as K. Rool seemingly is knocked down, only for him to rise back up and smash them to the ground, with K. Rool proceeding to literally have the last laugh at his nemeses.



  • A 8-bit version of Donkey Kong Sr. (also known as Cranky Kong) makes a cameo as a portrait inside Donkey and Diddy Kong's treehouse.
  • This is not the first time King Dedede has shown a prankster depiction in Kirby series media, as he had earlier played a prank on the titular protagonist by feeding him bombs in the Japanese animated series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
    • Similarly, the entire premise of the trailer (someone pranking another into thinking King K. Rool was coming, only to unwittingly bring in the actual K. Rool) resembled the premise of the Donkey Kong Country animated series episode "Just Kidding" (only in that case, it was Donkey, Diddy, and Candy Kong who was doing the prank, and the intended victim of the prank was Cranky Kong).
  • The manner in which Donkey and Diddy Kong react in horror to the arrival of the real King K. Rool by bulging out their eyes resembled similar reactions Diddy and Dixie Kong have to encountering the bosses in the game Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • During the scene where King K. Rool and Donkey Kong jump in the air and their fists connect, both characters are wearing boxing gloves. It is a reference to the final boss battle in the game Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64, where King K. Rool wears a boxing outfit including gloves. Donkey Kong wearing boxing gloves is a reference to his appearance as a secret boss in the game Punch-Out!! for Nintendo Wii.
  • The ending scene of the trailer was most likely a reference to King K. Rool faking his defeat during the final boss battle of the game Donkey Kong Country.
  • The scenes of King K. Rool backsiding King Dedede, as well as K. Rool slamming down Donkey and Diddy Kong to the ground, were included in a pre-order trailer released for the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 24, 2018.[2]
  • The later trailer titled Best Friends[3], released on June 12, 2019, had a similar beginning to the trailer The Rivals, owing to it also announcing Banjo & Kazooie as newcomer fighters in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The reason for that is because Rare developed the games Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie where the characters featured in both trailers first appeared, respectively.