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The Curse of Kongo Bongo

"The Curse of Kongo Bongo" is the thirteenth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series. It was the twelfth episode to air in North America.

The episode begins with Donkey Kong brushing his hair in his treehouse. As he tries to get a warm glass of coconut milk, he hears the doorbell ring. Although surprised that it is late for someone to be ringing the doorbell, he hits the switch to bring the elevator up to the house. When he searches inside, he finds a note and begins to read it, thinking that it is from the "Mr. Gorgeous Gorilla Contest" that he entered. However, when he reads it, he learns that it is really about the "double curse of Bluebeard Baboon," which destroys the island if the letter is read twice by anyone. The scene ends with him announcing that he has a bad feeling about the curse.

Later, DK and Diddy head to the beach, where they meet Dixie Kong. Excited, she tells them that Funky Kong is taking her on her first flying lesson, which they do not appear to be too sure about. As they look into the air, they can see Funky flying in his plane, which begins to plummet to the ground. Quickly, Dixie tells Funky by radio to wake up, as he has fallen asleep. Immediately before crashing, Funky moves his plane away from the ground, barely missing Candy Kong. As soon as Funky lands, Dixie jumps in, exclaiming that she wants to start the engine. Donkey and Diddy appear stunned as she heads towards the plane.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool, with Polly Roger, try to find new plans to defeat the Kongs and get the Crystal Coconut. General Klump shows his "foolproof" plan to his master, but he explains that it is in code. King K. Rool is angered that Klump cannot decipher his own code, but the minion assures him that he will figure it out. As Klump and Krusha try to find what the code stands for, King K. Rool tells Polly Roger to steal the Crystal Coconut for anything as a reward, and the parrot chooses to do so, flying out of the hideout.

DK and Diddy enter Cranky's Cabin later to find him searching through his cabin nervously. Diddy suggests that Cranky needs a maid service, but Cranky then shows them a letter similar to the one Donkey Kong had received earlier. DK, not thinking about the dangers of the letter, exclaims that he had gotten a letter just like it before, and Diddy announces that he has too. With a book of his, Cranky explains that every one hundred years, the ghost of Bluebeard Baboon rises from the depths of the ocean to send everyone "the curse of the double doubloon." He is angered when he finds out that Donkey Kong has read it, showing the two Kongs the Crystal Coconut, which is losing power due to the effects of the curse. If the letter is read a second time, the Crystal Coconut will lose all of its power and the island will sink into the sea, just as Bluebeard Baboon's ship did one thousand years previously. After Cranky informs them on the curse, he infers that every ape on the island had gotten the letter as well. Donkey Kong then begins to sing about the curse, and afterwards, he and Diddy head out to stop anyone from reading the letter.

At the Kremling hideout, Klump and Krusha are still trying to decipher their code. Even after they explain what they have gotten, King K. Rool is doubtful that the plan will be any good, and even asks himself if he really wants the Crystal Coconut badly enough to do this. Meanwhile, at Cranky's Cabin, Cranky is heard attempting to ask his Great Aunt Grouchy about Bluebeard's double doubloon curse, while Polly Roger flies into the cabin unnoticed to steal the Crystal Coconut.

DK and Diddy head to the beach, where they come up with the plan to warn Funky and Dixie about the letters by using Funky's radio. Diddy speaks to Funky and Dixie through the radio as they fly in the plane, but the connection becomes hard to understand, and Dixie thinks Diddy had told her to read her mail, since, Diddy can't say the word "don't" on the radio. Funky pulls out the letters and they begin to read them, and Diddy cannot get the message to them correctly about not reading them. Just before Funky finishes reading, Dixie pulls off a trick with the plane, catching Funky by surprise and causing both he and Dixie to drop the letters. Donkey and Diddy catch them, running into a pile of barrels in the process. They then head out to inform other Kongs about the letter.

Meanwhile, Cranky, in his cabin, can be heard talking to his aunt on the phone, who tells him about a spell to end the curse. After he angrily hangs up by throwing the phone, he tries to say the spell to the Coconut to end the curse. Before he can do so, he notices Polly Roger and attacks him. Polly Roger admits defeat, but then runs out of the cabin with Cranky's spell book. Cranky decides to use the Crystal Coconut to turn into a hologram and inform Donkey about it, but the Crystal Coconut, lacking power, ends up placing him high in the air above the jungle, where Dixie and Funky are riding in the plane. Before they hit him, he transports away.

Back at the beach, DK and Diddy run to Candy Kong as she hangs onto one of Bluebeard's letters. DK attempts to explain that it is a curse from Bluebeard Baboon, but Candy, thinking that it might be from a "secret admirer" attempts to read it. Even though both Kongs try to snatch it off of her, she manages to read it. Just in time, Dixie and Funky ride the plane towards Candy, almost hitting her a second time. She drops the letter and it lands right next to DK and Diddy; they run off with it before Candy notices them.

Later, Polly Roger brings Cranky's book to King K. Rool, but he is not pleased. Polly explains the powers of the book by speaking a spell that causes General Klump to freeze and stop talking. The crocodile king becomes fascinated by the book and starts to look through it, finding a spell that causes Krusha to hop uncontrollably. When Polly Roger demands a reward, King K. Rool puts a spell on him, which causes him to begin singing. As King K. Rool places a spell on Klump, Cranky Kong appears as a hologram from the Crystal Coconut and spectates the crocodile announcing that he can defeat the Kongs with the spells. He quickly heads out to find Donkey Kong to stop him.

At Bluster Barrelworks, Bluster Kong notices the letter sent to him by Bluebeard. He believes that it is a letter informing him about a "big prize," but before he can read it, DK and Diddy show up and stop him. Diddy tells him to give them the letter, but Bluster, thinking that they are trying to steal his prize, runs off. The two primates become worried that he will read the letter soon and continue to search for the letters.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool is seen in his hideout singing about his powers with the spell book and what he will do with it, while Klump and Krusha run around the room. At that time, Donkey and Diddy are swinging through the large jungle. The primates become discouraged from not finding Bluster Kong, until Donkey Kong mentions that he smells "cheap clothes." As he looks up, he notices Bluster, who is ready to find out what his "prize" is by reading the letter. Diddy stalls him by asking about his hair, as Donkey prepares to snatch the letter out of his hands. He is successful in doing so and he and Diddy happily continue through the jungle with the final letter, leaving a disappointed Bluster Kong. However, they are stunned to learn that there is still one more letter: Cranky Kong's.

King K. Rool, at his hideout, continues to say spells at Krusha and Klump as he hovers through the air, making them act like chickens this time; Polly Roger and two Kritter minions are also affected by the spell. King K. Rool drops to the ground to notice a letter, when suddenly Cranky appears in his hologram form from the Crystal Coconut. As the Kremling tries to attack Cranky (even though he cannot hurt his hologram), he hits Polly Roger, who drops onto the fallen letter. He realizes what the letter is about and tells the Kremling about the spell. King K. Rool makes a bargain with Cranky: If the ape hands over the Crystal Coconut, the villain agrees not to read the letter, but if not, he will and sink the island. Cranky tries to knock some sense into him, explaining the crocodile will sink with the Kongs too and that the Crystal Coconut does not work anymore, but he does not change his mind.

Suddenly, DK and Diddy appear, but the Kremling is not fazed. He quickly reads the letter, still demanding the Crystal Coconut. He accidentally finishes reading it, thinking there are more words on the other side, and the Crystal Coconut loses all its power. The island starts to quake. Everyone, including King K. Rool, begins to panic, while Cranky's hologram vanishes. Donkey and Diddy, still a little calm, remember the spell in Cranky's book that reverses the spell. Donkey Kong bravely attacks the crocodile king, while Diddy grabs the spell book. Even when Polly Roger steals it off of them, Donkey recovers it, but then King K. Rool snatches it out of his hands. As the heroes and villains fight for the book, they end up sending it towards a large hole in the ground. Donkey Kong jumps in and finds the spell in the book. He quickly reads it, saving the whole island. Afterwards, the two Kongs exit the hideout, leaving King K. Rool and the others in their spellbound states.


Bluebeard Baboon's Curse of the Double Doubloon