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TNT Barrels, also known as "TNT Drums" in Donkey Kong Country's manual, are explosive and dangerous version of a regular Wooden Barrel, TNT Barrels, as the name suggests, are filled with deadly Trinitrotoluene, or "TNT". As such, whenever they are thrown, they create a large, fiery explosion, usually killing all enemies in the radius.


Donkey Kong Country/Land series[]


TNT Barrel's earliest appearance was the intro of Donkey Kong Country, and were found in all the games in the DKC series as well as in the Donkey Kong Land series. TNT Barrels were mainly used to find secret bonus areas, by blasting a hole in the wall where it was hidden, or to defeat strong enemies such as Krusha, or the usually undefeatable Zingers, even red ones.

TNT Barrels explode on the slightest contact with anything once thrown, be it an enemy, floor, or wall. They will also begin to rattle and explode by itself if they are set down after picking up one just once, and if left alone if not picked up again. Some enemies such as Kaboom or TNT Knockas hide in these to use as their own weapon, when they charge at Kongs.

Donkey Kong 64[]

Barrel tnt 1

In Donkey Kong 64.

The explosive barrels return in Donkey Kong 64. TNT Barrels here were small and red, and were mainly used for bosses, such as Army Dillo and Dogadon. Kabooms also reappear, using them again as ramming weapons.

Diddy Kong Pilot[]

TNT Barrels were apparently going to be used as items in Diddy Kong Pilot that gives the player a speeding boost, much like the rocket boosters do in Diddy Kong Pilot.

DK: Jungle Climber[]

TNT Barrels also appear in DK: Jungle Climber. They can be used to destroy dense objects around them and explodes if attacked.

Animated series[]

Similar TNT Barrels, referred to as Exploding Barrels, bear a resemblance to Auto-Fire Barrels. They are seen during the first half of Booty and the Beast, where King K. Rool takes over Bluster's Barrel Works and begins manufacturing exploding barrels. However, Donkey Kong chased off K. Rool and production was halted.

Manual descriptions[]