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Tick Tock
T.T.'s artwork from Diddy Kong Racing
Full Name Tick Tock

Gender Male

Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing DS

T.T. is a major character in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. He is a timer with eyes, legs, a mouth and hands. He aids Diddy Kong and the other racers throughout the game. He is referred to as Tick Tock in Diddy Kong Racing DS.


Diddy Kong Racing[]

T.T. aids Diddy in Diddy Kong Racing and tells him about his total adventure scores and can be raced in each course in the game and if defeated in all courses, he will become a playable character.

Diddy Kong Racing DS[]

T.T. is found locked up in prison doors in each lobby. To free him, one must race him and beat him in his custom made stage. After all of the doors are unlocked, he will challenge the player to beat him in every track from Dino Domain to Future Fun Land in Time Trial Mode. Once beaten, he can be used as a playable character. He has the best stats in the game.


  • Speed:*****
  • Acceleration:****
  • 4 Wheel Drive:*****
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