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Kiddy about to pounce on a Krumple.
World(s) Blackforest Plateau
Type Riverbank
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Enemies Encountered Buzzes, Krimps, Krumples, Bristles, Sneeks Lurchins, Kocos, Bounty Basses, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Surface Tension, (ひょうめんのドキドキ Hyoumen no Doki Doki in Japan), is the sixteenth level in Donkey Kong Land III and the fourth in Blackforest Plateau. It comes after Polar Pitfalls and before Tundra Blunda.


Surface Tension takes place in a riverbank area with a river underneath the ground. This level is known to have enemies, meaning that Dixie and Kiddy have to be extra careful. It is like the Donkey Kong Land III equivalent to Riverbank Riot but with much more enemies. In the water, there is Lurchins, Kocos and Bounty Basses while on land there are Buzzes, Krimps, Krumples, Bristles and Sneeks.


  • The level's name means the property of the water's surface.