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Nintendo Super Famicom console with a single controller, released on November 21, 1990. The European version of the SNES used similar design.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, commonly called "SNES", "Super NES" or "Super Nintendo", is a 16-bit home video game system that was released by Nintendo outside Japan on August 23, 1991 and in Australia on July 3, 1992, during the fourth generation. It followed the Super Family Computer, known as "SFC" or "Super Famicom", released only in Japan on November 21, 1990.


The first model of the SNES with a single controller, released on August 23, 1991.

The Super Famicom and the SNES were claimed as revolutionary systems due to their leap of higher quality games, new ways of graphical design, and overall gameplay.

The Super Famicom and the SNES are sucessors for the Family Computer and Nintendo Entertainment System, respectively. Similar to both previous systems, they use ROM cartridges[1] and wired controllers[2] to play games. However, both systems have not backwards compatibility[3]. They are not able to run Famicom and NES games, respectively, without unofficial third-party adapters.

Nintendo also used region lockout[4], to prevent game cartridges from outside regions to work in a current region system, by employing hardware and physical incompatibilities. However, these incompatibilities could be circumvented by adapters and modifications[5] to the consoles.

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