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ExitIsNearSign.png Sun Sun Beach ExitSign.png
World Sun Sun Island
Type Sky Stage
Music Theme(s)
Bonus Room(s) 1
Notable Feature(s) The second stage in the game.
Enemies Encountered None
Game(s) DK: Jungle Climber
First Appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)
Latest Appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)

Sun Sun Beach is the second stage of the first world, Sun Sun Island, in the game DK: Jungle Climber. Excluding Cranky's Teachin's, this would be the first true stage in the game.

At the beginning of the stage, Donkey Kong will find the letter "K" and then he must talk to Cranky Kong. Then move to the next area which has a Bonus Barrel, some bananas, and the letter "O". Afterwards, Donkey Kong must move to the move area which contains an Oil Barrel, bananas, a Banana Coin and the letter "N". The final area contains the letter "G", some bananas and the goal.